Dachau Concewntration Camp Memorial site

In the 1970s I was asked by an acquaintance from teacher’s college to see if I could help a lady who thought her house was haunted

The house was haunted but by her own “thought forms”

This lady had been given an hysterectomy at age twelve without anaesthetic while in a concentration camp in the Second World War

In the 1970’s when I met her women still had no rights nor status

PTSD wasn’t acknowledged

(nor was PND)

So she got no support from the medical system who considered all women neurotic and having “penis envy” –as doctors were taught Freudian psychology

I thought of writing this in the early hours of the morning

When pain kept me awake and I was brooding about all the abuse and mistreatment I had suffered in my life

I appreciate the wisdom from DESIDERATA –“don’t compare yourself with others”

But sometimes it is as “reality check”


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