In recent years because of pain sleep deprivation and my inability to walk drive or socialize I find myself brooding over the way some people have treated me in the past.

Although I understand the wisdom of JC saying “turn the other cheek” I decided these instances were different as I wasn’t retaliating in person I was just wishing these people  harm

Many years ago I designed behaviour modification programs –somewhat hypercritical of me as I disagree with treating the symptom and not the cause

In behaviour mod there is as technique called “extinction” where the behaviour is completely ignored

I have come to realize that I should be completely ignoring all of the insults and abuse etc  even though the revenge is is in my mind

As our thoughts have an affect

I am no longer giving these thought power

So I either just say –“Let it go” 

 0r I
white light it

Hoping my health will improve from doing so

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