I have several friends who don’t believe in clairvoyance or surviving death

On the rare occasions I mention a clairvoyant experience that amazed me they just look at me with disdain or make some comment implying that I am either making it up or delusional

Although I dislike being “called” a liar (honesty is important to me)

these are true friends                    

 I don’t need them to believe me – I know it to be true

 so I tolerate their attitude.

People tend to believe that a belief in God and heaven is necessary for a belief in an “afterlife”

Surviving death isn’t synonymous with a religious belief.

We do not understand the nature of reality.

(or at least I don’t)

It appears we exist in an alternate reality when we are “not here”! In this reality the electrons are apparently moving at a different speed around the protons and neutrons so it is out of phase. ( This is my very limited understanding of quantum physics)

Another misconception is that people have to be “earth bound” to communicate with the living:


I asked “clairvoyantly” about “the meaning of life” which strangely enough isn’t 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

The answer I got was more a concept than words but translated:

I was asked if I could conceptualize NO LINEAR TIME and when I said “No” I was told that “they” couldn’t explain.

We may all be in a huge holodeck:

As suggested by Star Trek Next Generation —

And  “What The Bleep”

“Ship In A Bottle” season six — Star Trek Next Geneeration

In the “special features” of What the “Bleep” they mention that Professor WilliamTiller gives the mathematical constructs of a hologram that we “are” living in.

(William A. Tiller is a professor emeritus of materials science and engineering at Stanford University)

I made this video to advertise my books but at least you can see who I am —

it wont load so trying it as a link

A decade of pain sleep deprivation and other health issues has been  stopping my doing clairvoyant readings –

pain doesn’t affect my clairvoyance just my concentration

I love doing readings – genuinely communicating   who have passed over – is still exciting even though I have been doing this since 1978

It is frustrating not being able to do things that I once took for granted b or just email me with a reut readings are something I am still able to do

I am offering either an email reading or a phone reading (Australia only) if you would prefer

For $50 Australian

If you believe that if something expensive is good and inexpensive is not you may pay me $500 

I am obviously joking those who believe that “You get what you pay for” will not choose me  😀

20 years ago when I was giving clairvoyant readings in a local shop and charging $20 many people gave me $50

If interested please leave a comment and I will give you more information

Or email me including a recent photo


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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