This is a visualization meditation

You create  a sacred space which you use for healing

talking with friends

solving problems

creating anything that you wish

I recorded this guided meditation for a psychic development group that I  was running, at participants request

I have put it  in writing to bring down your guides for the first time as it isn’t included in the audio

The colours and numbers take your consciousness to alpha.


Relax: centre: and protect yourself.

Breathe deeper and slower that you normally would.

Visualize the colour RED and know that you are becoming more relaxed.

Now visualize ORANGE

BLUE: you are very relaxed and calm now.



You are now on a beach. Feel the sand between your toes. Smell the sea air. Hear the seagulls and the thunder of the waves. Stay here a while relaxing.

You see an hole in the cliff face and start walking toward this.

You enter and find yourself in a cave lit by phosphorescent fungi.

There are steps going down.

You descend these steps.


There is a door in front of you.

You open this door.

This is your sacred space:

You create this yourself.

The more that you use this meditation the more powerful it will become.

Have an elevator to the right at the back to bring people down for healing; problems solving; or just to talk to.

Always send them back up.

The first time you go to you sacred space you bring down a male & female guide.

They stay here. You do not send THEM back.

visualize the lift/elevator going up

then coming back down

as the door opens your female guide steps out

notice how she looks

ask her name

ask her to stand by you while you send the elevator back up

and then down again

as the door opens your male guide steps out

notice how he looks

ask his name

spend time talking with your guides

create your sacred space

Create a door to the back left to go on astral journeys.

A clock and calendar to change the date & time. — or these days a computer would do.

Anything that you feel that you require for healing

Anything you wish

I have a “natural” mineral pool because I like nature:

You could have a spar

Or a medical bed like they have in Star Trek 😛

Remember that your guides stay in this sacred space awaiting you.

When you are ready go back the way that you came.





This tree mediation is paraphrased from Mother Wit by Dianne Mariechild (a plant meditation)


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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