I wasn’t born in Australia but I consider myself an Aussie

I was born in Wigan Lancashire

I turned 3 years old on board the ship on the way to Australia

We arrived at Outer Harbor South Australia on the 2nd March 1952

The population of the whole of Australia was 9 million

And the suburbs in S A were like small country towns

These were taken in Northfield a near city suburb.

At a very young age I would catch the train by myself to Adelaide railway station

 to attend Gwen Mackie’sa ballet school.

( I am not sure I have spelled this correctly – I tried googling because this was where the original Australian Ballet began – but couldn’t find what I was looking for)

Aussies were (and still are)friendly and generous:                                

This politically incorrect comment by my first husband explains it well – he said:

“My Dad would give away his are hole and shit through his ribs”

As the population increased over the decades friendliness has waned.

I moved to Goolwa in 1998 and it was still a country town back then:

Everyone said hello whether they knew you or not:

This no longer happens since more “townies” have moved here.

When I was seven we were told how dangerous it was to the environment; including  the soil, to remove trees and we would plant a tree on Arbour Day.

Humans are still ripping out trees to clear land for farming and becausew they believe trees are a fire hazard.

I haven’t seen any trees with a cigarette lighter.

Makes more sense to me to get rid of arsonists.

A friend of mine was involved in starting the original “Trees for Life” but  this organisation has devolved into an impotent bureaucracy causing more harm:

By using poisons

and by ripping out trees that they claim are in the wrong area.

I have travelled

and I still believe Australia is the best place to be.


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