I wasn’t aware of the concept EMPATH until this century

—with the exception of Deanna Troi in Star Trek next gen —

but it fits me:

it is one of the reasons I don’t socialize:

the other is of course my anxiety disorder:

Sometimes some people’s energies make me feel physically ill:

it is when they are being malicious and not necessarily to me:

I have to get up and leave.

Being an empath may have contributed to my not wanting to eat meat even as a child.

I would have nightmares of being an animal in a slaughter house and trying to tell the other animals to try and get away.

We read a book when I was in in primary school (1950s) about an heifer that escaped and made it to the outback of Australia (Obviously a satire on the meat industry)

I have googled but all I have found is books with religious connotations or breeding cattle.

I thought it was called “The Little Red Heifer” — so long ago I cannot remember the author.

if any one knows of this let me know.

As a child i was ridiculed and abused for caring about non human life

Couldn’t go fishing

i would get upset because the fish were gasping for water.

These days It is good to know that many others feel as i do:

Be kind to non humans

Enjoy your day

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