I believed we created our own reality by our thoughts words and of course actions in the 1970s:

I taught “would be witches” how to manifest!

Last year I spat the dummy and thought:

“What a load of crock! If I created reality my life would have been so much better. Who’d choose to suffer almost a life time of abuse etc!”

What about people with disabilities?

Since I first wrote this blog a concept came into my head when meditating

Our cultural programming stops us from feeling empowered

The concept of an hierarchical  structure:

that there is someone who knows better

and is more important.

In this meditation I also got the fact that we see time as linear affects our ability to create

Our indigenous Australians did  not see time as linear (until white man came and spoiled their world)

And they have powerful magic


I constantly have to remind myself to be in the “NOW

From “The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior:

by Dan Millman

“Where am I? HERE!”

What time is it “NOW”

this picture is from Facebook — I have the DVDs of BEWITCHED except for season 3


(from my Book Of Shadows)


TO KNOW: This includes knowing the laws you are working with; e.g. Law of cause and effect:

The more I know; the less I know that I know

which may seem “Irish”

but seriously I certainly don’t understand the nature of this reality!

Know ones self: and most importantly know that you will succeed in your undertaking.

TO DARE: overcome fears and hindrances especially those inculcated by our culture.

TO WILL: Emotions are the power behind manifesting.

So believe in yourself:

Intention is what directs the manifestation.

My manifestations have succeeded when I have known they will manifest.

Actually I see them as already manifested.

In the beginning I found this part difficult so I had this attitude “I believe this will happen/ manifest but if it doesn’t I don’t care “ And they manifested.

Another way is to inculcate what you are trying to manifest. Use a verbal spell or word power: record this and play it continually -Make it a song if you like.

TO KEEP SILENT: Other peoples thoughts and words will effect what you are doing so you don’t tell anyone!

me at the very first Australian Wiccan conference–early 1980s

I snapped my self out of my “What a lot of crock?” attitude by reminding myself of all the things that I have manifested.

Considering I started doing this in the late seventies there are numerous examples.

The one I would like to share is about a puppy/dog:

My parents (now deceased) lived in a very small housing Trust unit. There was a back “yard” which all units were meant to share. Their neighbour on the western side had fenced of his back yard and also bricked up most of the space as a garden. They had gotten numerous small dogs all of which managed to get out some how and run away. They eventually got a Labrador pup. Which was mostly locked in a wooden box he called its kennel! One day when this pup was actually out of the box and growing I noticed blood around her neck . Her collar was too tight and cutting her neck as she grew I reached through the fence and loosened her collar. After this, the neighbour put barbed wire on the fence at many levels so that there was no way I could reach the dog!

My mother insisted that I wasn’t to call the RSPCA because she didn’t want conflict with their neighbours.  I always did what my mother said. I was terrified of her.

I had this dog on my healing list and started to visualize her living happily with a new owner.

Unfortunately it was approximately six months before this manifested.

My parents neighbour offered the dog to me!

I had a Bully/ Kelpie cross at this time, who was so grumpy to Cerri the dog:  Doing his “I’m top dog here routine” That I knew it wasn’t a good home for her. Her eyes were glazed with fear. I mentioned it to a local business owner and she said that she would take the dog to live on their property. ( My dog fretted for weeks after she Cerri left.)

I dont have any pictures of Cerri but this is Buster

Cerri has been with this family: happy ever since. She is very old now.

Sadly I don’t have any picture of Cerri I was more worried about getting her well than taking her photo at the time.

When I first became interested in Wicca we had to send overseas for books.

These days you can Google a spell if you are not confident creating your own.

The following “word Power” is to set up changes in your subconscious.


The One Power

Which includes The new causation,

Is always operating for and through me (your name here),

As I am a perfection manifestation of the Power,

Both consciously and subconsciously

I am always creating, drawing to myself and participating in the

most perfect circumstances for my own fulfilment

including everything I need and want

And for the good of all,

According to the free will of all.

And so mote it be.

blessed be and

be blessed.

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