Email  Readings for a Donation That You Deem is Fair

And pay after I have done the reading so you can ascertain what you think it worth

Gift vouchers are available for a donation but before I send the gift voucher (of course)

My motivation for this is that I love doing readings

And seeing & communicating with people and pets no longer in this  time space—

I am out of practice because of my heath situation: particularly pain and sleep deprivation

plus sometimes the clairvoyance just flows and other times it is “like pulling teeth” 😛

It also gives me something to do when I am unable to go anywhere.

And hopefully will give me money to buy food and pay bills

I have two good friends that think psychic stuff and life after death is untrue:

One said to me yesterday

“We are not floating in the clouds after we die”

I didn’t comment.

Surviving death is a question I have asked ‘my guides”

The answer that I got was

“Can you conceptualize non linear time?”

To which I answered “NO”

“Their” reply was

“Then we cannot explain”

I can objectively accept that time is a dimension

But not subjectively conceptualize

The late Riley dog and friends

i made this video to promote my book it is fairly recent

 Send a recent photo of yourself as I am reading your aura from the photo and linking with whomever wishes to communicate with you who has passed —- including pets


I am still not getting emails from WordPress (re comments or blogs that i follow etc) — WordPress have ascertained that the problem is with Outlook –who just passed the buck and did nothing— so i dont know what other emails I am missing –If you email me and i dont answer leave a message in Comments ( I will check comments)or on my Facebook Clairvoyant Medium page —-


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