I don’t believe it is an actual word but I have been using it for decades:

Earlier this century my youngest granddaughter said “Nan – you are one!” (Human)

I used to think there was something wrong with me because I didn’t accept our cultural norms as absolute:

I remember when women had no rights nor status

Couldn’t buy a house:

couldn’t have a bank account without husband’s or father’s signature

And landlords refused to rent to separated women.

If you were not a white heterosexual male you were nothing!

When I objected I was told that this is the way it is meant to be.

Much has changed

But in this day and age

Sociopaths succeed

 Psychopaths are glorified

And only mindless automatons fit in.


Despite my negative attitude

People are so good to me:

Due to health issues (some caused by medical & surgical mistakes)

I am unable to cope with basics including driving:

This week

my naturopath dropped off some Chinese medicine – (he and his wife live more than an hours drive from me) -They said “Pay us next year”

A friend dropped off Baker’s Delight rolls and date scones that she had bought for me:

Another friend brought me a left over vegetarian meal from “Meals on Wheels”

And friends and family phone me to see if I am OK.

Knowing a culture and its religion affect language

Western cultures would be so much better if we had these words



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