My son holding Brinny (dog) me and Dad

In the 1980s a clairvoyant told me that the reason I “see” is because I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t.


Hence the reason my book is entitled “The Clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic”.

Clairvoyance is something I know

Not something I believe.

I am still sceptical about things

Instead of taking something on faith

I consider it untrue until proven otherwise:

Someone did a spiritual cleansing on my house yesterday and commented that someone was using a particular photo to psychic attack me:

 I intuitively knew who this was:

This particular witch had sent a letter to my home signed in blood.

I know our thoughts and emotions affect people and things.

Training would  be witches I would tell them that intent is what matters

 and emotion empowers

I remain sceptical (always) but this attack may explain why

I feel well when I am not home

And become ill after I have been in the house a couple of days:

I “feel” the difference in my home today

It may be placebo effect:

Time will tell:

As I have always said everyone is clairvoyant

The ability atrophies because we are programmed to believe it doesn’t exist—or it is evil:

My dad didn’t tell me he was a Spiritualist and clairvoyant until 1998 when I ws already interested but in retrospect I would not have been programmed to think clairvoyance evil or non existant.

I have always had a problem with charging people partly because my Dad was a Spiritualist and told me that I should not charge

 but also because I know that the Protestant ethic  of money being all that matters

is contributing to the extinction of all life on this planet.

Readings are normally $80 AUD

 I am making them half price (Again) because I want the practice to get my confidence back

after  feeling blocked for so long.

Hence $40 AUD

 gift vouchers available

I am able to accept overseas clients.

using PayPal

Send a recent photo of yourself to

These are genuine clairvoyant readings hence I require a photo of you as I am reading you and anyone who has passed over around you.

I also use runes for divination and will include a photo of the runes that I picked for you

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