I thought I would ask other clairvoyants for their opinion

A friend who died 15 years ago came through this morning and wanted me to tell her sister that she is with her.

Because of severe and chronic pain hindering my clairvoyance  I thus far have been unable to get enough info to prove who she is to her sister:

Or on how to contact her sister.

I have no idea how to contact her sister but may be able to make enquiries:

I also know that her sister is an atheist

and certainly doesn’t believe we survive death.

When I was much younger I “saw” people who had passed over with my eyes open (very distracting)

And on more than one occasion was asked to pass on a message:

The first time that I tried to pass on a message the lady was thrilled:
the  second time

 I was abused and accused of harassment.

If I was feeling ok – I would definitely try

but the pain drain drains what little self confidence I have

and I just don’t know if I should even try?

If it were you would you try even though you don’t have enough info?


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