My Daughter took this photo a couple of years ago — i live near here 😀

I am relogging this to remind me

from Facebook and Peanuts

In the early 1970s I believed we created our own reality

Over the years I have doubted this

Or at least thought there are many variables effecting this

I listened to the teachings of the late Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer

I don’t agree with everything they said

And Wayne Dyer annoyed me more than once

When he ridiculed a lady that had a cold who was kind enough to drive him around

And when he said not to blame problems on your mother

I took this advice

 until I saw a really good psychology ( rare breed) who told me that my mother was to blame for my


From “What The Bleep”

The reason I am writing this is

I asked my” guide?” why I wasn’t healing

Reiki treatments  make me feel better but a day later I am  back to being in so much pain death would be preferable

My guide told me that it is because I keep saying and thinking about how bad my health issues are

So instead of letting the pain and “poor me” get all my attention

I say or sing  affirmations;

 if able  march up and down:

I also go outside and hug a tree

It is helping


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