FREE EMAIL READINGs—With apologies

I put an in correct email address at the bottom of the original post

I blame it on pain overload

and sleep deprivation

my excuse and am sticking to it

So if you sent an email to the non existent email address

send another to telling me the incorrect address

and you will still get a free reading

From a previous post

“I have temporarily removed the post offering half price readings:

My clairvoyance isn’t flowing:

(presumably caused by pain and sleep deprivation)

Divination is ok but with people who have passed over – I can sense them and sometimes vaguely see them – but communication is like “pulling hens teeth”  –I keep thinking how stupid this saying is but used it anyway

I will offer half price readings again once mediumship is flowing “

In order to get my confidence back and see if my mediumship is back to “normal” I am offering a few free email readings — I am able to see auras and pick up people and pets that have passed over on an email reading as time and space are not as we perceive them to be.

All it will cost you is your giving me  feedback

Send a recent photo of yourself to



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