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I have been doing readings since 1978

I have never charged much

and have done numerous freebies

Despite being told a couple of decades ago that I should be charging $100

My Dad was a Spiritualist and told me that I shouldn’t charge:

Sadly money has to matter to me now as I have no savings left –and I’m paying a mortgage on an age pension.

( I appreciate that there is a pension but I paid more tax per fortnight in the 1990s than I get for the pension).

There are numerous stories omitted from this book so as not to break client confidentiality.

My clairvoyance is genuine and my favourite part is communicating with those who have passed over.

The future isn’t fixed:

I have over the years had many people contact me, to give me feedback, when something that I told them would happen, happened.

On a few occasions people have given me feedback  re something I said about someone who had passed over that they thought was wrong:

e. g. I told one lady that her deceased husband’s had a receding hair line and she insisted that he did not.

She contacted me to say that she had looked at photographs and his hair line was receding.

Last year I closed my business account with PayPal and my Clairvoyant Medium Facebook page

And told the local shops that I am not doing readings any more.

I was refusing or cancelling bookings because I was in too much pain.

I recently had a Reiki treatment form Marie:

There is no way this could be placebo effect!

So if you think Reiki doesn’t work –think again.

I cannot find the words to express how much difference the treatment has made to how I feel:

Since last October my pain levels have been so bad it was difficult to push through plus I had no energy no strength and couldn’t concentrate:

My life out of necessity consisted of resting:

since the Reiki I feel so much better:

I am confident I will be able to catch up on so much I have wanted to do around the house and “garden”:

And have the energy to do clairvoyant readings in person.

my daughter took this photo

I am offering clairvoyant readings via email, Skype or Messenger and in person for locals

or those who love to visit our beautiful town at the Murray mouth:

( once I organise a venue.)

If you are one of those people who believe that you “get what you pay for” you may pay me $160 “

Just joking the readings are $80

Gift vouchers available.

Something expensive isn’t necessarily better and visa versa.

The best naturopath (who actually saved my life) was not expensive:

The best hairdresser charges me $25 for an hair cut.

The best reading that I ever had cost me $5 (admittedly it was in the 1980s – hence it would be equivalent to $23 now)

The best Reiki Master gave me a treatment for an exchange ( a clairvoyant reading).

I can “pick up” people and pets that have passed over,

even on an email reading because time and space are not what we perceive them to be.

Gift voucher available.

Send a recent photo of yourself to


I am ceridwen2 on Skype

Email me first re a Skype booking

I use my personal PayPal account to send invoices:

so no problem for overseas payments.

Email me if you wish a face to face reading.


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from chopra.com

One of the most common translations of namasté is

“The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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