Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann Jakob Wick)

These days someone cannot call you a witch

have you tortured until you confess

and then put you to death:


These days it is trial by media:

Lindy chamberlain being the most famous

In 1980

supposedly intelligent people believed Lindy Chamberlain killed her baby

because Seventh day Adventists required this sacrifice.

(Another comment was that she didn’t cry)

Which of course is crap!

People tell lies that have no basis in truth presumably to get attention.

I have been a victim of this and am sure others have.

I was in Women’s Lib in the seventies because women had no rights and no status.

If a woman was brave enough to accuse a man of rape the lawyers would say that she was a slut and asked for it.

The joke back then was that there was no such thing as rape!

“A woman can run faster with her dress up than a man with his pants down”

When this witch hunt started I was pleased that women were believed and the abuse acknowledge.

Things have  gone to ridiculous extremes.

Peoples lives have been ruined by false accusations.

From the start I didn’t believe the accusations made against

Craig McLachlan:

Even though he was acquitted he is still persecuted.

I hope he gets justice and compensation from those who ruined his life.

I have never watched a soapy in my life but love Rocky Horror.

My beautiful daughter, a poster at the Adelaide Festival Centre and me

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