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In the 1970s I  had the good fortune of being excepted into a psychic development group run by a brilliant Spiritualist medium:

I have always considered her my mentor:

She told us that clairvoyance isn’t supernatural it is just a natural extension of our five senses.

My Dad who was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant loaned me a book on quantum mechanics –now called quantum physics:

It theorised that other realities exist in the same place but because the electrons are moving at different speeds around the nucleus we are not aware of them:

they are out of phase.

I tend to think this is why when communicating with those that have passed over the images and communication flash in a fraction of a second.

When I asked –my guides – about surviving death, I was asked “Can you conceptualise no linear time?”

 when I  answered  “NO”

they said “We cannot explain”

I have never seen my clairvoyant readings as a money making venture.

I see it as a way of helping.

I have suffered chronic pain for over a decade and am allergic to pain relief.

I now have even more pain prevent my coping – with basic stuff:

I gave up a work a decade ago because I couldn’t function and felt like the walking dead:

Turned out to be caused by medication (Tramadol)

I mention this because I thought;-

“Readings are

something I can still do and love to do and I would be helping people”.

Earlier this year a friend assisted me to advertise on “GumTree”:

I received excellent response but found I couldn’t cope with some people’s energy :

or people draining my energy

So I removed the ad.

I protect myself but  I “open” myself to link with those that passed over 

and therefore sometimes take on other peoples stuff.

 This  also happened a few years ago:

I had taken four booking on in a row (which once wouldn’t have been a problem) but the second person I read for had this bravado beneath which I felt  distress and possibly trauma.

I started shaking and cancelled her reading and the other readings.

I felt really guilty but I just couldn’t read.

Being a wise old crone I am working on healing myself and shifting the pain drain

once I am confident my energy is back up I will advertise again.

In the meantime I will do email and Skype readings for $50

I am able to send an invoice via PayPal

As only those who read my blog will see this I will have fewer responses and will still be able to do something that I love doing.

For an email reading send a recent picture of yourself to

If you specifically want to contact someone who has died say this but do not give me any information about them.

 I have been doing since 1978

I almost always get excellent feedback:

Some have paid me double what I was asking as a donation:

In the more than 40 years I have only said I couldn’t read for someone on three occasions.

One the person her husband died soon after I said “I cannot read for you” and I think my “subconscious” just didn’t want to pick it up the death?

The other two occasions I felt “blocked”.

Only one person has ever abused me:

She told me that I was the worst clairvoyant she had ever been to.

I knew I had given her an excellent reading so she didn’t upset me one bit.

Toward the end of her reading she asked me to “pick up” on her husband:

I saw him drinking:

And said so and that is when she spewed the abuse.

I felt she wanted to know if he was having an affair but I wasn’t being told yeah or nay and I don’t make things up.

I just said what I saw.

I had no idea who she was when I was doing the reading but weeks later I found out she was  married to a  local publican


Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

Look forward to hearing from you.

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century
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