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Women are no longer property and ornaments

We are respected for who we are.


I was in “Women’s Liberation”

back when we had no rights and no status and the majority of women believed this was how  it should be.

We couldn’t buy a house and landlords would not rent to separated women:

I Googled this — “Women also faced financial discrimination and were seen as a high-risk investment by banks as little as just 50 years ago. It wasn’t until 1975 that women could open a bank account in their own name.”

A woman was expected to stay a virgin until she was married:

A man was expected to be promiscuous:

Never understood how that worked.

Before women had rights a lawyer told me I couldn’t use abuse as grounds for divorce.

The attitude back then was that if you were bashed you must have deserved it.

 In the 1970s when I had my faced stitched after a bashing

 the nurse said “My husband doesn’t bash me” – The implication being that I deserved it.

The police would not help:

When I confronted them about this I was told

“You always go back”


as previously stated landlords would not rent to separated women

we couldn’t have a bank account

and certainly wouldn’t be able to buy a house.

I am so glad that things have changed for the better.

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