I have been doing readings since 1978

I have never charged much

and have done numerous freebies

Despite being told a couple of decades ago that I should be charging $100

Someone that I read for a couple of years ago told me that she and her friends think anyone who charges less than $80 is no good.

I was only charging $50:

My Dad was a Spiritualist and told me that I shouldn’t charge

Plus I dislike the Protestant ethic of accumulating money:

Our cultural norms and attitudes are making all life extinct.

There are numerous stories omitted from this book so as not to break client confidentiality.

My clairvoyance is genuine and my favourite part is communicating with those who have passed over.

The future isn’t fixed:

I have over the years had many people contact me, to give me feedback, when something that I told them would happen, happened.

I also foresaw the pandemic but only told one person.

Last year I closed my business account with PayPal and my Clairvoyant Medium Facebook page.

And told the local shops that I am not doing readings any more:

I was refusing or cancelling bookings because I was in too much pain.

I know that pain doesn’t block my clairvoyance


so I am offering readings via email:

that way I can rest when the pain gets too much

(the same way I do my housework these days)

They are $60 Australian

concessions available.

I can pick up people or pets that have passed over,

that are around the person I am reading for

just from a recent photo (of the person am reading for)

Time and space are not as we conceive them to be.

the email address on this card no longer exists

Send a recent photo of yourself to


I am able to use my personal PayPal account to send invoices:

so no problem for overseas payments.




I have only done one reading sinc first posting this:

(this is a re blog)

The response to this was:

Gosh you are friggin good 🎉

(As my Dad used to say:

He grew up on a farm in Yorkshire:

dry humour.)

Things improve as they get better

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