The title was one of my Dad’s silly sayings.

This was taken early this century –Dad died 2004.

I haven’t blogged much lately:

And I’ve stopped doing readings all together:

 I had no confidence in western medicine:

I suffer from medical and surgical mistakes:

I have had several friends die of medical mistakes:

I have suffered two major traumas from surgery:

I came to under anaesthetic in 1974

I came to with bed perpendicular and horrific chest pains in 1991 and was told that they nearly didn’t get me back:

I worked in this field and saw mistakes:

bad attitudes:

bad practices.

from facebook

Last year as well as chronic pain and breathing difficulties

(which I’ve had for a decade and one doctor told me there was nothing wrong and I was wasting his time)

  I had no energy or strength so finally made a doctors appointment:

it was the 13th of November before I saw the doctor that I trusted.

I was thinking  that all that was wrong was that I probably lacked vitamin b12 

My doctor sent me for a fasting blood test covering numerous possibilities.

I had the blood test the next day

and that afternoon my doctor sent an ambulance because my troponin was 44 – I  had apparently had a heart attack.

I have since had numerous tests related to my heart blockage—which is too deep for stents.

They don’t know the cause of my breathing difficulties.

This last experience with the medical system has changed my attitude.

Doctors, specialists, nurses and ambulance staff have been excellent.

Initially I was in even more pain than usual and couldn’t concentrate or co ordinate (I think the high dose of statin was a contributing factor)

but  I am starting to feel a little bit better.

Wasn’t planning on dying for a few years I want to see the thinking caring humans succeed in restoring the ecology.

Enjoy the day

and be kind to non humans

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