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I believe we humans will save the ecology –see my “Yippee” blog

There are many thinking caring people

but our cultural norms are a major problem

and even I have problems not conforming.

Humans consider other lifeforms annoying at best and vermin at worst.

People do not want bird poop on there concrete, fences or cars.

People don’t want leaves on their concrete:

snails or mice in their gardens:

insects or arachnids in their homes.

Neighbours complain about people that feed the magpies and crows

because of the noise and bird poop

Humans kill the Corellas because they are too noisy

— they will soon be extinct because there are not many trees left that they can eat.

People kill Kookaburras because they are killing other smaller bird

because humans have killed or removed all their other food sources.

I have had a lifetime of being told I was wrong and psycho for caring about other life forms:

I studied world religions (as an elective) at teachers college (as a mature student) in the 1970’s so I was aware of Ahimsa:

But found that people of our culture who claim to be Buddhists or similar do not really understand this:

They stick with their cultural  programming that only humans matter.

So if, like me, you think other life forms should be respected for who they are:

Please say so.

It upsets me that people kill insects, spiders, mice, snails, trees, snakes etc

All are sentient and have a “soul”.

Enjoy your day

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