Riley at Goolwa Beach

Decided to post photos of my dog for my own nostalgia

I also know many love animal pictures.

Riley was given to me the day after I buried my previous dog:

In 2011


I bought two cats from the vets in 2015

Intended to have a cat run built.

One cat, Nim, ripped his stomach open,

but after several surgeries and home nursing he got better,

only to disappear while I was in hospital Good Friday 2015

I fell crossing the road and shattered my right arm:

Nim recovering from injury

My furry family together

my furry family

The other cat, Bukkandi died a few months ago

he was only six


I just love this video because it shows how expressive their faces are

Riley and Bukkandi

Riley was euthanized yesterday 5th November 2020

I have numerous pictures of him:

Only sharing a few

Riley was the only dog I have had that didn’t appear to stress when it was thundering:

But he didn’t like ambulance or police sirens:

he would mimic same

I am grateful to the vets:


and staff at Riverport Veterinary Hospital:

for their help and support

and their patience with me.

Nurses collected Riley for his blood test because I wasn’t well enough or able to take him:

the Vet brought him home so that I could sit with him when he had the overdose of anesthetic.

enjoy your day


  1. I still remember when my dogs Pippie, Pepe, and Pixie (and the wife’s dog Gracie too) also passed over Rainbow Bridge. Then there was Midway the cat and Peanut as well. So many furry family members over the years some lives short – others much longer.
    Though their time here is limited, it’s how we take care of each other that’s important.

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