I do not get notified of “comments” or “likes” so am usually late noticing

I spoke to WordPress asking if they were going to an old email address and was told they were going to the correct one.

That was some time ago and I still do not get notification emails from WordPress?

I have always found WordPress helpful

which is unusual this day and age 😛

I am not complaining about WordPress staff:

Just apologising incase people think that I am ignoring them.

(And yes I check “junkmail”)

enjoy your day

3 Comments on “APOLOGIES

  1. I use a cellphone app for 95% of my WordPress dealing – I know there are settings to turn off notifications for likes and comments

    • I checked this as did the lady I spoke to — i really think they are going to my old email address — Thanks for commenting — I appreciate your support – has your wife had her book published?

      • No, the book hasn’t published yet. It’s planned for November 20th.
        Having some difficulties with final editing and getting it into a format that Amazon will accept.

        We have high hopes that all things will work out.

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