Managed to walk my best friend this morning

2nd time in a month

When walking back to the car there was a mother duckling and tiny babies next to the path:

Riley didn’t bother them  😃

unfortunately I hadn’t taken my phone so couldn’t take a picture.

My Dad always said “Count your blessings”

and I do.

This picture is my son; a staffy crossed that was my Dad’s dog: me and my Dad.

Dad walked the staffy every day even though Dad was blind:

Off on a tangent that is typically me:

One day Dad took the wrong turn and couldn’t work out where he was:

I eventually drove around looking for him because he had been gone so long and teased him for getting lost when I found him.

Two weeks after Dad died my mother said the dog wasn’t well and asked me to take her to be euthanized

This I did:

I realized later that mother just couldn’t be bothered with  the dog and was so mad at myself for believing her.

Back to counting my blessings

I have avoided the medical system having suffered from medical and surgical mistakes

But necessity is the mother of invention:

I am in so much pain I cannot do much at all

After this mornings walk I am unable push myself to stand up –hopefully I will in a few hours

I am allergic to  pain relief.

But as much as I  would love to be able to do my own housework I am finally going to have to accept “home help”

Hope that this person adheres to my wishes

 as I do not kill anything and won’t use harsh chemicals or poisons.

I feed the birds and anyone who lectures me (as they have done in the past) that the birds have to find their own food:

Will be told-

The human plague has destroyed the homes and resources of all other life forms

If I don’t feed the larger birds they eat the small birds.

If I get lectured that my trees are a fire hazard (as has happened many times)

“I haven’t seen any trees walking around with cigarette lighters lighting fires.”

Having trees and birds around my home is one of my many blessings

A crow:

(and crows are intelligent enough to know humans are cruel and thoughtless –

actually most other lifeforms give humans a wide birth including snakes)

sits on the pagola by my kitchen window when she wants me to feed her.

If I don’t see her immediately she caws.

I don’t have a picture of the crow but this is where she sits

Words of wisdom from my Dad that I have shared before

“Why worry

If you worry you die

If you don’t worry you die

So why worry”

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