The following pictures were taken with a cheap phone earlier this century when I was a volunteer with bush care:

Soon after this the heritage bush-land “accidentally”burned

and was replaced by real-estate development– now lots of houses.

Thankyou to everyone who liked my blog re caring about other life forms:

It made my day.

Sadly we are in the minority.

A neighbour; aged in his late twenties/early thirties; said he would organise something to give me my privacy back: As his landlord had removed all the trees from the back fence:

I said thank you but that I wasn’t concerned about privacy:

that trees are important:

He and his wife just gave me a blank look.

Our local council chops down trees for no apparent reason.

A tree directly across the road from me was chopped down: it wasn’t in the way of anything: Not even the footpath?

Three magpies stood there looking at a stump that was once their home.

another pic taken with cheap phone

The roads department often removes trees because these trees are supposedly obstructing the view of traffic.

When I was in primary school in the nineteen fifties we celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees because humans had realized how important trees are.

Arbor day still exists but it seems people are unaware of the reason?

Real-estate companies demolish heritage bush land and pay the fines knowing they will make heaps of money from property development.

And then there is “Trees for Life”

which a friend was instrumental in starting.

This friend and my self (long a go) with a group of Pagans went around the botanical gardens hugging trees — and doing Monty Python silly walks.

John Cleese silly walks

I used to do bush care.

But I was expected to poison non indigenous plants and kill nonindigenous animals.

I won’t use poison and I won’t kill.

It seems to me that this organisation (as well as Greenpeace and animal liberation) have become impotent bureaucracies populated by mindless automatons trying to be trendy:  

This is a broad generalisation and I know that there are still people involved with these groups that care.

The multinationals are in control of both politicians and the media:

reinforcing the concept that only humans and money matter.

have a great day

and hug a tree

my driveway
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