I realise that you know objectively that religion defines a culture:

Even atheists conform to the norms, mores and concepts created by religion.

I believe Jesus was a teacher and although there was a meeting in Nicaea in AD 325 to decide what to leave in the bible and what to takeout, some of his good teaching survived. Although most of his teachings seem to be ignored?

Our culture finds violence entertaining and sees breast feeding babies as disgusting.

Decades ago an Indigenous Australian lady whom I worked with said “We don’t think like you”

I understood what she meant

we have different concepts.

I also realise that if we don’t have a concept of something it literally doesn’t exist for us.

Few people in western cultures understand Ahimsa.

an image from movie Seven Years in Tibet.

In the movie
Seven years in Tibet (from the book by Heinrich Harrer) Mr Harrer presumes that the worms were not allowed to be killed or injured because they could be human in another life:
He (apparently) didn’t have a concept that they have every right to be respected as worms.

(Love the movie: must read the book: Having not read the book this may have been the movie producer’s concept rather than Heinrich Harrer’s)

I find spiders webs beautiful

All my life I have thought other life forms were intelligent and definitely had feelings:

(I get upset when a fly dies)

only to be told by Christians that “god” put animals here for our benefit.

And told, re my horror at factory farming and production line slaughtering, that “It is why we grow them”

I was brought up Church of England:

Taught Sunday school in my teens:

Did the “born again and speaking tongues” stuff in my twenties

(I even went back to church when I was 59– but this time it only re enforced, for me, how wrong western religion is.)

People are aware of the atrocities committed in the name of religion.

Although when I was researching for lectures on Wicca in the 1980’s it was difficult to find any information on the Inquisition.

Because of religion women were considered property and had no rights.

Say religion

Say fascism

The protestant ethic is causing the extinction of all life.

while people “leave it to God’

or wait for karma .

The industrial revolution labelled older people as useless/worthless:

Whereas once, elders were respected for their wisdom:

The concept that if something is new it is good:
and something old is no good was applied to people.

Old people are discarded and thrown into nursing homes – “total institutions”!

Yet being a Christian is synonymous with being a good person?

in the 1980’s when on many occasions I helped a stranger they invariably complimented me by saying what a good Christian I was.

I didn’t dare say

“I’m not a Christian I am a witch”

One of the things that attracted me to Wicca was that the witches that I knew, cared about nature and the ecology.

Anyway I have decided to give another analogy to the meaning of life.

(As you cannot see my facial expression or hear my voice best tell you the following is intended a humour after my criticism of other peoples beliefs)

Last century I used to jokingly say we live in a virtual reality.

Not an original concept

It came from Star Trek Next Generation: season six “A ship in a Bottle”.

I have thought we might be in a video game but I have never played a video game:

so my analogy may be wrong.

I would guess that, in this video game that we are in, the goal must be to to create as much horror and destruction as possible?

To be pedantic I tried playing a video game once:

in 1990 my husband and I went into a video arcade and he suggested I”have a go”

A stranger (A mindless male narcissistic with small son-in tow) stood behind me and criticised everything that I did.

I never played a video game again.

Blessed be

and be kind to nonhumans


  1. Ahhh, Moriarty doesn’t realize how simple his “life” is. In some ways – I’m envious. LoL

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