I have never subjectively understood:

Fascism (absolute ideologies):



People who deliberately light bush fires:

 or the need to treat people who suffer a disability  with contempt:

I Googled cerebral palsy and it gave misinformation:

With cerebral palsy the signals in the brain go opposite to the way they should:

Even in the 1980’s I knew someone who suffered cerebral palsy that had university degree (in mathematics):

So people with cerebral palsy do NOT have a low I Q:


I am including a  Facebook post from a friend of mine

who suffers with cerebral palsy

 and being treated with contempt.

She is intelligent and caring.

She is 52:

 Her youngest daughter was taken away (from her) 5 years ago

because of this daughter’s self destructive behaviour:

which was  caused by being raped:

by someone her mother had  thought trustworthy.


“Hello my following people I would like to make a public announcement and I don’t care who it upsets. My daughter was raped at the age of 7 years old by a ‘cousin’ that I have known all my life. He was 48years old, I was at work at the time. She wanted him to babysit her at the time

And my only mistake is not thinking anything at the time. The judge said last week that.its my fault because, I let it happen, I had known this ‘cousin’ all my life and I looked up to him because all my life he had stuck up for me when I was bashed’ for being a retard. I am a retard according to this judge, I let a 48year old man I’d known all my life, babysit a 7 year old without even the consideration that he might sick his penis in her, my bad, after all, I am a retard and the thought didn’t even enter my mind.

For 5 years I have fought for the rights for this man to be jailed for his crime. My daughter went into the care of DCP at the Elizabeth branch where I was treated like the criminal by Kylie who angered me time and time again by asking me ‘what do I think of pedophiles? I’m sorry, this made my blood boil EVERY time she asked.

The judge won, I should not have trusted anybody with my child.

I went to court yesterday for the 8th time this year. I have to admit, a sign language interpreter came to my aid 3 times out of 8, that’s pretty impressive considering that I’m only deaf when a sign language interpreter is available. On my death bed, I hope someone inscribes ‘ F-ck you all cause I tried’ “

This is one of the comments to her post:

From my own experience with my daughter Monique the DCP are big players in the pedo industry they control the police and instruct the family court to secure victims”

Imagine how difficult it is for this lady to advocate for herself when continually faced with — you’re a retard –attitude.

Enjoy your day

Just wanted to include this picture even though it isn’t relevant to the story

I took this last century on Kangaroo island
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