hugs and laughter

I have to confess when I first started WordPress I didn’t now how to find comments

and people thought they were being ignored

I just learned through trial and error.

Now I prefer WordPress to Facebook

Far more interesting reading

I still don’t know how to use Twitter

A wise friend posted this on  Facebook some time ago- re covid 19 isolating:-

“ humans are intrinsically social creatures and removal from others is used as a form of torture.  Also touch is a basic human need..(babies will die if left untouched)”

I remember learning this when I studied psychology

And we all need a laugh.

I sometimes play this to make myself laugh

It was taken in 2015

My son lives in North Queensland

and I live in South Australia

The first video taken that day fortunately couldn’t be salvaged

(phone was damaged)

When he first walked in my front door

I just couldn’t stop crying

And he was videoing me on his phone

Blessed be


Since I found out Stewart Farrar’s book “The life and Times of a Modern Witch”:

For which I filled out a questionnaire and some of my answers were included

costs $1960.24 US dollars,

I have been wondering –does this mean I am an antique?

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