Thank God I am an Atheist: Pun Intended

I have the greatest respect for Jesus but believe him to be a teacher not a god.

After Constantine stopped throwing Christians to the lions and made Christianity the religion of Rome there was a meeting at Nicaea to decide what to leave in the bible and what to take out.

The old testaments was responsible for women having no rights or status.

The “Koran” is almost identical to “The Old Testament”

I was brought up Church of England.

(I never explain to Christians why I don’t believe out of respect for their beliefs.)

If “God” is a loving god why would it desire worship?

Religion is what influences a culture.

Our culture believes other life forms don’t feel and have no soul.

We have destroyed the ecology and continue to make all life extinct.

In my sci fi short story the gods were E. T’s breeding us as live stock:

There were other E. Ts  that fed off our fear and pain.

 I thought my ideas were original but have recently seen an episode of Dr Who where E T ‘s were feeding off our fear and pain.

If we credit some “Being” as having created this reality, this “Being” would have to be a sadistic psychopath.

Every creature has to deprive another life form of its existence in order to survive. ( Its called eating)

Just breathing kills other life forms! As we breathe in micro organisms.

I believe everything that exists has a consciousness: And because of my clairvoyant experiences I believe everything survives beyond physical death.

Pity: because there are a lot of humans who shouldn’t survive death especially when there is no hell for them to burn in!

Instead of making changes people “leave it to God” or karma ( which I don’t believe in either)

I asked clairvoyantly about “the meaning of life” which strangely enough isn’t 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

The answer I got was more a concept than words but translated, I was asked if I could conceptualize NO linear time and when I said “No” I was told that “they” couldn’t explain.

This is my sci fi short story —-

I realize there isn’t much depth to my characters

but console myself that Asimov started out writing short stories:

I think my sequel/prequel is better (not finished yet)

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

And to quote Ellen whom I admire “Be kind to one another”

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