Apologise for title

Couldn’t think what to call this blog

Something reminded of the following this morning:

In the early eighties when people realized my clairvoyance was genuine, they would think I knew everything about them.

Including things they didn’t want people to know.

For myself and other clairvoyant friends we only get bits and pieces that flash in a fraction of a second.

I work best with visuals –auditory is too fast to interpret but I can get a sentence as a concept— difficult to explain. This is helpful when communicating with someone who has passed over who doesn’t speak English.

Also you can “block” someone who is “reading” for you.

Sadly there’re are many charlatans running scams

In the 1990s I would have people contacting me saying they had been told that there was a curse on them and it would cost $2000 to remove.

This is apparently still happening here in South Australia.

Of course it is not true but

being told this could be a nocebo or self-fulfilling prophecy

 I give people a spell to block the curse –for free of course.

Blessed Be

and be kind to non humans

I took this photograph last century on Kangaroo Island

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