A SILLY STORY *******But true


I try my best not to kill anything:

We have a doggy door:

Insects do come through this.

Last night I was about to put a tin can that I had  rinsed into recycling:

I noticed that there was a mosquito stuck in the bottom where there were water drops:

I pushed a tissue as near to the mosquito as I could with out touching it and turned the tin upside down:

I checked occasionally to see if it had moved

I am not sure how long it was  —-

I tipped out the tissue and then noticed the mozzie was on the outside of the tin  —so didn’t put in recycling.

Eventually it flew off:

and tin went to bin.

I awoke this morning with a mozzie bite on my arm?

As apparently only pregnant females bite, I wasn’t expecting to get bitten.


A quote — author anonymous


“If all the insects left the planet

The planet would die

If all the humans left the planet

The planet would thrive”

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


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