Comic Relief

As a temporary respite from being a misery guts, I thought that I would write something funny.

So please note that this is intended to be amusing and not serious.

Last century I would voice this theory that our reality is a virtual reality  —  Long before the movie the Matrix came out.

To be honest it wasn’t an original idea: It came from an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation: “Ship in a Bottle”

Computer: End Programme!

For part of this century I have thought maybe we are characters in a video game.

I am not really qualified to use this analogy as I have never played any sort of video game: I am THAT OLD 😛 !

I attempted once in 1989 at Semaphore Fun Park:

It doesn’t look like the room with games is there any more:

(In 1989 some man with a child in tow stood behind me and criticized everything that I did: And as I had no idea what I was doing he never shut up: If I could turn back time I would go back and tell him how fucking rude and stupid he was.)

Presuming video games have a plot and story:

We are characters in this game:

Say it is a two-person game:

I presume that this is an option?

 The goal for one player is to stop all the original thinkers who are attempting to improve the quality of life for others: save non-human life forms and restore the ecology.

And the other player’s goal is to help the original thinkers succeed.

I can see which player is winning.

Blessed be

And be kind to non human life forms

The following short story I published at the beginning of April 2017:

Intended as social satire — well maybe sympathetic magic

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