I am writing this to remind myself to put into practice what I know.

I believed we created our own reality by our thoughts words and of course actions in the 70s:

I taught would be witches how to manifest!

Yet recently I’ve spat the dummy and thought:

“What a load of crock! If I created reality my life would have been so much better. Who’d choose to suffer almost a life time of abuse etc!”

By writing this I am reminding myself to be in the “NOW

From “The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior:

by Dan Millman

“Where am I? HERE!”

What time is it “NOW”

Other peoples thoughts, words and actions affect our reality (ofcourse) but we can and more importantly WILL consciously create our own reality.


(from my Book Of Shadows)


TO KNOW: This includes knowing the laws you are working with; e.g. Law of cause and effect:

The more I know; the less I know that I know which may seem “Irish” but seriously I certainly don’t understand the nature of this reality!

Know ones self: and most importantly know that you will succeed in your undertaking.

TO DARE: overcome fears and hindrances especially those inculcated by our culture.

TO WILL: Emotions are the power behind manifesting.

So believe in yourself:

Intention is what directs the manifestation.

My manifestations have succeeded when I have known they will manifest.

Actually I see them as already manifested.

In the beginning I found this part difficult so I had this attitude “I believe this will happen/ manifest but if it doesn’t I don’t care “ And they manifested.

Another way is to inculcate what you are trying to manifest. Use a verbal spell or word power: record this and play it continually.

TO KEEP SILENT: Other peoples thoughts and words will effect what you are doing so you don’t tell anyone!

I snapped my self out of my “What a lot of crock?” attitude by reminding myself of all the things that I have manifested.

Considering I started doing this in the late seventies there are numerous examples.

The one I would like to share is about a puppy/dog:

My parents (now deceased) lived in a very small housing Trust unit. There was a back “yard” which all units were meant to share. Their neighbour on the western side had fenced of his back yard and also bricked up most of the space as a garden. They had gotten numerous small dogs all of which managed to get out some how and run away. They eventually got a Labrador pup. Which was mostly locked in a wooden box he called its kennel! One day when this pup was actually out of the box and growing I noticed blood around her neck . Her collar was too tight and cutting her neck as she grew I reached through the fence and loosened her collar. After this, the neighbour put barbed wire on the fence at many levels so that there was no way I could reach the dog!

My mother insisted that I wasn’t to call the RSPCA because she didn’t want conflict with their neighbours.  I always did what my mother said. I was terrified of her.

I had this dog on my healing list and started to visualize her living happily with a new owner.

Unfortunately it was approximately six months before this manifested.

My parents neighbour offered the dog to me!

I had a Bully/ Kelpie cross at this time, who was so grumpy to Cerri the dog:  Doing his “I’m top dog here routine” That I knew it wasn’t a good home for her. Her eyes were glazed with fear. I mentioned it to a local business owner and she said that she would take the dog to live on their property. ( My dog fretted for weeks after she Cerri left.)

Cerri has been with this family: happy ever since. She is very old now.

Sadly I don’t have any picture of Cerrie! I was more worried about getting her well than taking her photo at the time.

When I first became interested in Wicca we had to send over seas for books. These days you can Google a spell if you are not confident creating your own.

The following “word Power” is to set up changes in your subconscious.


The One Power

Which includes The new causation,

Is always operating for and through me (your name here),

As I am a perfection manifestation of the Power,

Both consciously and subconsciously

I am always creating, drawing to myself and participating in the

most perfect circumstances for my own fulfilment

including everything I need and want

And for the good of all,

According to the free will of all.

And so mote it be.


blessed be and

be blessed.


My dad died 27th of May 2004 Lately  i have “felt” he was around. before I tell you about this I am including a tribute to my Dad from my daughter 12 years ago.

“Dear Granddad, we miss you very much. You were so full of wisdom and always had a smile on your face. You took people for who they were and never had a bad word to say about anyone. You were the rock of our family, steady and strong. You taught us so much, and we are all better people for having known and loved you. You will always be in our hearts and memories. Love you forever your Granddaughter”

On the first Father’s Day after Dad’s death I took my Mother and a friend of hers;  Mavis (now also deceased); to the local cemetery to visit their husband’s graves. Afterward I brought them back to my home for scones and tea. Mum made remarks that Dad was with us. And I could see him also. When I “see” it flashes for a fraction of a second. Then the image has gone: same with words and concepts. They are just a quick flash .
After driving my Mother and Mavis back to their respective homes and returning to mine. I concentrated on my Father.

It was quite possible that I had imagined seeing Dad. Wishful thinking?!  So I asked that he prove that it was/is him by showing me something that I didn’t know.
He showed me an umbrella stand that I knew he had made. It had several umbrellas on it; one with a bird’s head handle.
I telephoned my Mother and asked if they ever had an umbrella with a bird’s head handle. She said that they had “But what is he going on about this for?!” I also asked if Dad had made the 
umbrella stand and she said that he had: Repeating “What is he going on about this for?! We left all that in England!!

Recently I have thought that my Dad was around but (again) wondered if it was just wishful thinking! So I suggested to him that he contact someone else as confirmation. Last Monday I received a message via Facebook messages.  

“Hi Kate, just wondering if it’s your dads birthday or anniversary or something ???????????????? He’s popped into my head for about 4 days in a row, he was looking in your front door giving a little wave with a smile. Weird , at odd times and I wasn’t even trying, busy doing things and there he was. Thought I’d wait to see if I got a message for you but nothing today, he looked happy and as I said he was smiling………..hope this makes your day x”


It did148228_10152123210239192_713684520_n


Where’s The duck


When my daughter’s paternal grandfather was alive he would ridicule me for my clairvoyance and say that there was nothing after death. He claimed that he knew this because he had died several times.

I was running a psychic development group in 1991.  Someone “saw” my ex father-in-law. Actually what they described was a photo of Barney and his brother in their army uniforms. I was able to connect with Barney at this time. He was “saying” you were right and jumping around. I told him that this didn’t prove anything to me. I said “I know what you look like; I know what you sound like and I know what you think; show me something that I don’t know.” (Not out loud!)

Firstly he showed me one of my daughter’s horses that he claimed had gone through the meat works. I told him I wasn’t going to check this up. Too upsetting!  He then showed me a “duck” and lifted the head off. He said “Where is the duck?”

But my mind went to something familiar. I associated this duck with a rocker duck that Barney had made for my daughter when she was a baby.  I tried to find out what had happened to the rocker.

Two weeks later I went to my daughters for dinner. In the kitchen there was a biscuit barrel. A duck! And the head came off. I asked my daughter who had bought this for her. She told me Grandma and Granddad.

In January 1992 while I was sitting outside knitting. (This was my stopping smoking therapy!)

I “saw” my daughter’s paternal grandfather.

My initial response was “What do you want?”

He gave me some information pertaining to a male friend which is not relevant to this story.

He then told me that he was reincarnating as my daughter’s son in August.

Many years later my daughter had her first child. A boy; born in August .  I had almost forgotten Barney’s message until a pagan friend whom had been sending healing to the baby wrote to me that there was a reincarnation link with this child. She thought it my daughter’s grandfather.

Re the “seeing” and “communication” everything flashes in a fraction of a second. Clairaudience is often way too fast to understand and I usually get concepts which still flash in a fraction of a second.

I know that there are many people who have similar stories to share.

I have many similar stories all making me question the nature of reality and life and death.

For clairvoyant readings on Skype ” ceridwen2 ”

The Media is the Massage (or more on double standards)


(With apologies to Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is The Massage”)

[Marshall McLuhan argues that technologies — from clothing to the wheel to the book, and beyond — are the messages themselves, not the content of the medium. In essence, The Medium is the Massage is a graphical and creative representation of his “medium is the message” thesis seen in Understanding Media.]

We tend to believe what the media tells us, yet it is controlled by multinationals, just as the government is. Thus it is neither objective nor honest.

(Sunrise is sponsored by the meat industry. I switch off every time I am told how good pork is. They strangely enough don’t tell us how horrific factory farming and the abattoirs are for these intelligent animals)

This morning on Sunrise, there was an interview with some one from Australian Wild Life explaining that feral cats are destroying our wild life. I don’t doubt that they are but humans are the reason we have feral cats.

The last time they mentioned feral cats on Sunrise one of the ladies on the panel made a comment about how much damage the mining industry does to our wild life and sarcastically said “But lets target the cats!” Kochie ignored her; not acknowledging the comment!

Humans definitely destroy more wildlife than feral cats. Not just mining but the real estate companies who destroy trees and heritage bushland, thereby destroying the homes and food sources of our native animals and birds. And then there’s road kill!

Recently a now ex friend asked me to drive him to Hindmarsh Island to dump a possum that was annoying his dog. (His car was off the road) I refused saying that I wasn’t moving an indigenous creature out of its territory. He turned really nasty and got someone else to take him! Possums being territorial will kill a possum that doesn’t belong. Even if this were not so the poor possum had no way of finding its way home over water.

People thoughtlessly destroying insects; mice; arachnoid; snails and even snakes (which they are not supposed to kill, but do) are destroying the ecology by killing so called pests.

The biggest problem is that there are too many humans on the planet. Why we don’t have zero population control, I don’t know.

This is off on a tangent but to do with the meat industry. In 1982 the husband of one of my staff was carting stock to the abattoirs and asked me to report to the RSPCA that the suckie calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation. When I called the RSPCA I was called a trouble maker and a liar!

I put something in writing but did not receive a response.

This still happens today. New born of all livestock are left to die without food or water. I was told by someone that worked at the abattoirs that the drug companies want them this way?

Attitudes to animals and minority groups have changed for the better in my life time. Hopefully humans will change before they destroy this beautiful planet.


Spiral alan full moon Photos Solstice

Three of these photos were taken with a non digital camera at a full moon ritual at Encounter Bay at the beginning of this century.

The night the pictures were taken there was complete cloud cover so there was no moon light filtering through.

I was just clicking the camera to use up the film.

When I initially got the photos back I thought there was a camera fault. – Apparently not.

The interesting thing is that we do a spiral dance as part of the full moon ritual and there is a spiral in the photos.

The other photo is of my grandson: Taken a few years ago.

matt with matt

I have entitled this “Angels question mark” because I see angels as white light.

The photo with the sphere seems to be a common occurrence. Other people have shown me similar.

Re the photos taken at the full moon ritual  I sent them to Janet Farrar; wife of the late Stewart Farrar; and her partner replied saying that they had similar.

Off on a tangent here– In the 1980’s I filled out a questionnaire for one of Stewart Farrar’s books entitled “The Life and Times of a Modern Day Witch”  I loaned my copy of this and as often happened with loaned books, it was never returned. Suffice to say I no longer lend books. I found a copy on Ebay only to be informed that the copy was too damaged and had gone to recycling.

Blessed be

Thank God I am an athiest — ( punn intended)

I wrote a blog sometime ago entitled Nephilim but deleted it.  To my dismay I haven’t found a copy of it anywhere.

I theorized in this (deleted) blog that humans have a God concept because they presume that there is an hierarchical structure:

And that all the old gods including “Yod He Vau He (Jehovah) were ET’s.

Say religion; say fascism.

Last century I started writing a novel where the ET’s that created us were returning to cull or exterminate us because of the damage we have done to the planet. The means for our culling were specially programmed nannites. (This was long before the remake of “The day The earth Stood Still”)

Early this century I did a translocation meditation where  I chose to go to the Ophiuchus  system because this is the system the ET’s in my novel came from. It was the 5th planet in a binary sun system. In this meditation the ET’s I saw were not humanoid. (Humanoid is what I was expecting).

Difficult to describe them; they had a long necks; thick skin like a rhinoceros; four legs and were moving around in what looked like water but wasn’t water. I asked how they were so technologically advanced when they had no hands to manipulate with.

I was told they did everything with the power of their mind.

I was expecting them to be humanoid because of the Nephilim who were apparently giants. (See picture of skeleton)

I have no way of knowing whether what I saw  was just my imagination.


It was only at the beginning of this my 65th year that I admitted to myself that I did not believe in God. I spent the greater part of my life looking for my spiritual home. Wicca suited me because we respect the planet and the earth as our Mother. Well we did when I first started. Now that it is so popular, I think most “wanna bees” are only interested in spells and being different.

I have been trying to understand the nature of reality since I was seven years old.       I have had a few theories since then. In the 1990’s I used the analogy of us living in a virtual reality and of course when “The Matrix” came to the screen so many people recommended it. It was/is a creatively brilliant movie with subtle satire.

The fact that there isn’t a God doesn’t mean that we do not survive death. Considering that I see and communicate with those who have passed over: and have had instances of telling the person that I was reading for; something that they did not know. They usually told me I was wrong then later  contacted me to  tell me that I was correct. This proved to me that I wasn’t just reading their mind

After criticizing “wanna bees” I just realized one of the things that attracted me to “The Craft” was learning the skill of creating my own reality: I have since taught neophytes .  Intent is what matters and emotions are the power. Another thing I know is that “thought forms” gain a consciousness and reality of their own.

I will discuss this in another blog.

Suffice to say after six decades I still do not understand the meaning of life or the nature of reality. This reality just feels wrong, but it could be because homo sapiens have destroyed the ecology beyond repair?

It could be 42 –Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy:  or Monty Python may have the answer — I of course am joking!

What is the Nature of Reality?


When I first became interested in clairvoyance in the seventies there were only the Spiritualists. They called channelling trance. The first time I saw/ heard this it was a fake.
I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a psychic development group run by a lady called Stella Darwood. Stella went into trance the first time that I attended her classes. The features of a Mongolian man were superimposed over Stella’s face. I said nothing. Afterward the man sitting next to me described what I saw.
I believe that Jane Robert’s (deceased) channelling of Seth was genuine.
The guide that others saw/see with me and describe is/was Nubian. Extremely tall; possibly 8 feet. His skin bluish black.

I don’t “see” him but I communicate with him: And have had proof that this is a genuine communication. He lived in Egypt before we consider that Egypt existed. He told me his heritage and I was able to check this using the bible surprisingly enough.
In the seventies I asked him about pyramids. He told me that “pyramids refract electromagnetic waves like a prism refracts light”. I had no idea what electromagnetic waves were back then.
It was only at the beginning of this year that I acknowledged to myself that I was an atheist.                     I wrote a blog explaining why.
I also accept that I do not understand the nature of reality.
In the last 36 years I have only attempted to directly channel this guide twice and only succeeded the second attempt. On this occasion he greeted everyone saying “Shalom” which didn’t make sense to me as the word is Hebrew.
Despite my skepticism i have decided to channel and put the information on my blog.                              I will be asking people in my psychic development groups to ask my guide questions plus anyone who reads this is welcome to leave a question for me to put to him.
Bearing in mind that I was doing clairvoyant readings and a priestess of Wicca when most of the mindless masses  thought only what they were told to think; Women were still goods an shackle and only few of us cared about the planet or other life forms: so if you are going to leave a stupid or insulting question it won’t bother me it is just a reflection of who you are!
I would like to understand as best I am able what the nature of reality is.
He“told”me that if I could understand that time was a dimension and that linear time isn’t “real” he would have an easier job of getting concepts across to me.

I understand that time decreases with velocity thanks to Einstein but that there is no past or future is a problem for me;

To be continued

Are You Intelligent Enought to Deserve Compassion? Aparently sheep aren’t!

My daughter wrote a comment on her Facebook page about how cute the sheep were and said it was a shame we ate them. A comment from her mother in law said it was the way things were meant to be. She said we were meant to be hunters. Another Facebook friend of my daughter’s said that sheep were stupid. (I felt like commenting that when one finger is pointing three are pointing back)
I wanted to stop eating meat as soon as I found out where meat came from. But I got a belting and the same meal was put in front of me for every meal until I ate the meat. My Mother told me that this was the way things should be and that I was really stupid. I refused to eat for a very long time when the meal served was one of our chickens. I had them all named and there was no way that I would eat “HennyPenny”!
I used to have nightmares that I was an animal at the slaughter house. Usually a cow. ( I don’t normally admit this because I can just imagine the jokes) These nightmares stopped once I stopped eating meat.
I was a vegetarian when my children were growing up but did not impose it on them or my husband. —————-

My Father’s family were farmers in Yorkshire. (UK) When I eventually became a vegetarian he asked me why. His actual comment was “What’s this about?” I told him that I was opposed to factory farming. He told me “We were one of the first family’s in England to have battery hens.”  Thanks Dad!

I love my Dad (Deceased a decade now) He was a very caring person and I remember how he disliked having to slaughter the chickens.

The following was my comment on Facebook. —-
“Yesterday I refrained from commenting to be polite! But stuff it.

Firstly the people who own the house next door to me are sheep farmers and they think that their sheep are intelligent. But the IQ of a creature doesn’t affect my compassion.

Secondly the excuse that this is the way it is meant to be has been used to perpetuate injustice and discrimination for as long as I’ve been alive! In the 70’s when I joined Women’s lib.; Animal lib. & Greenpeace I got sick of hearing people say this.

Thirdly there is no “HUNT” hence no adrenalin rush. The animals just queue up & watch the rest of their family being slaughtered. And the horror stories I’ve heard about the abattoirs would take too much room. The RSPCA do nothing! One thing that I have been aware of for almost half a century is that new born are just left to die of dehydration and starvation. This still happens!
Having campaigned for animal rights I am pleased to see many changes for the better in my life. Hopefully one day ( Not when I am alive) all humans will be vegetarian and look back to these carnivorous days in horror.
With campaigning for equal rights for women I think it has gone to the extreme. Men require liberating now. M ind you some women are such mindless bimbo’s I just think to myself “Why did I campaign for equality for the likes of you?”

OOps! I am a witch not a bitch. Well sometimes a bitch!  😛animal lib

Blessed Be