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I am painfully aware that I really do not know what I am doing when it comes to blogging! But I enjoy writing.

I have started a couple of novels but never finished either. Mostly because I lack confidence and believe I have a lousy writing style!

The first novel that I started was in 1991 but is was so like “Stargate” the series it would seem as if I was plagiarizing: Excepting I started the novel before “Stargate” hit the screen in 2007. I also used “The Cone of Power” (Wiccan) in lieu of a Stargate. My villain was even called “Apophis!”

The next novel that I started was about ET’s that came to cull the humans that they (the ET”s) had originally genetically engineered and left here. This culling was necessary to save planet Earth and they were using specifically programmed nannites. This was before the remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.

For well over a decade I have used the analogy of us living in a virtual reality – a huge “holodeck”. My latest slant on this, is that we are part of some “kids” computer game and the aim of the game is to create as many disasters as possible. (This is just a joke theory!) It may make an amusing novel but I don’t see myself writing it.

I have considered writing a book about my clairvoyance experiences but I would be breaking client confidentially.

With my clairvoyant experiences I can only tell my personal experiences not excerpts from people’s readings.

I am not out to convert anyone. It doesn’t bother me at all that people don’t believe I see and communicate with people who have “died”!

I was extremely skeptically when I first started to develop my clairvoyant abilities in the late 70’s! Even though I was “seeing” I thought it was just my vivid imagination and that the people I was describing the deceased to, were just making things fit because they didn’t want to believe death was the end!

I have since come to believe everyone has this (clairvoyant) ability but because our culture doesn’t accept such things the ability atrophies.

I have had so many amazing experiences over the years I certainly know that it isn’t my imagination, nor am I “reading the other person’s mind”. On several occasions I have told someone something the “discarnate being” is telling me only to be told that the information wasn’t true. Later I would be contacted and told that they had found out that it was true!

Both visual and auditory (clairvoyance and clairaudience) communication flashes in a fraction of a second; so words are almost impossible to decipher. The communication is usually by images and concepts.

I caught up with a couple that run our local markets recently. Both of whom are clairvoyant. I told them that my Mother had died and they asked if I had “seen” her since.

I told them about the day she died. Mum had been expected to die several times from the beginning of June 2012.

The first time the doctor had sent her to hospital; they sent her back to me at one o’clock in the morning. She couldn’t be in her unit alone and there were no hospital nor nursing home beds available!

Mum stayed with me for a week. She could not get out of bed. She actually had the “death rattle” breathing; and was cyanose.

Eventually she went to hospital and then respite in a nursing home until I finally got her a permanent placing in a local nursing home.

While mum was in respite I had spent all day sitting with her (on several occasions); because she couldn’t swallow and the doctor was sure she wouldn’t make it through the day!

When mum got permanent placement she seemed to perk up. The week that she died in September she had been to the pub on the Tuesday for lunch and pokies. Even had a “Black and Tan”!

On the Thursday that she died I wasn’t even going to visit because I had planned to spend the all day Friday with her. When I did call in the staff said that she had a chest infection.

Mum was sitting up in bed looking reasonably well.

I noticed that she had a’ huge black hole in her aura’ and told Mum. She said “That’s not good!” my reply was that it was probably just the chest infection. I actually thought this at the time!

Later that day the nurse phoned to say that the doctor had prescribed antibiotics. At 8-30pm (2030 hours) I received a call from the registered nurse to say that Mum had died. I asked if I could go in.

  I sat with her for about an hour and an half – even though she wasn’t really there.

I phoned family on my mobile and then went home to contact people whom I knew would rather be told even though it was late.

I also called the UK which wasn’t a problem because it was lunch time there.

One of Mum’s ex carers asked me if I would be able to sleep. I told her that I wouldn’t but I was used to not sleeping.

Lying awake in bed that night I ” saw” Dad and Mum “walking toward me”.  Dad “said”- “We’ll help you!’ada_at_northfield Copy of Ada & Matthew 1980

The photos are of Dad and Mum when they were in their 60’s and the push bike is of Mum in her thirties at Northfield South Australia.

Seeing as this  blog “is all over the place”  my conclusion is – To those of you who read this  – have a great day!

The Siamese Cat



Having gone back to doing clairvoyant readings after not doing any for a couple of years, I find it so exciting; knowing that I am really seeing & communicating with people who have “passed over”! The problem is I am unable to share these stories because it would be breaking client confidentiality.

I thought I would go back to when I first became interested.
I always maintain that everyone is clairvoyant & if we lived in a culture that acknowledged this, people’s clairvoyant ability would not atrophy.

When I “see”; “hear”; or “sense” something it flashes in a fraction of a second.

In 1978 I attended lectures at the Gawler Institute about Spiritualism & similar philosophies.

The Spiritualist minister who ran those meeting also ran meditation groups. At one of these group meetings she supposedly went into trance; which is now called channeling; but it was so obviously fake.

I was very sceptical in those days and viewing a phoney trance didn’t help give me confidence in this philosophy. But instead of just giving up I was able to get into a Spiritualist psychic development group run by a lady by the name of Stella Darwood.

Stella actually paid a lot of attention to me. Trying to help me to develop my clairvoyance.  The other older ladies in the group were not impressed. Just as now a days when this now so called “New Age” philosophy is the flavour of the century. Most people were coming from ego and into “one up manship!

At one session Stella said to me “What are you seeing?” And I said “Nothing”. Stella told me exactly what I was seeing!

  It was a man wearing 19th century clothing and a flat cap with a peek; pulling a wooden wheel barrow. This amazed me because still being extremely sceptical I thought that what I was seeing, I was imagining.

Plus the image just flashed onto my mind & was gone.

This quick flash tied in with a theory put forth in a book that I had read before pursuing the Spiritualist path. That many realities exist in the same space but because the electrons are revolving at different speeds (per each reality) around the protons & neutrons the other realities are out of phase.

  I have thought since the late eighties that we are in a “virtual reality”. Well, I consider this the best analogy for something I know I cannot understand.

If we don’t have a concept for something it doesn’t exist for us. I therefore just have to accept that there are many things beyond my understanding.

The first time Stella went into trance I saw her face change to a Mongolian looking man. I said nothing but the man next to me described exactly what I saw after the trance was over.

Stella had a Siamese cat who sat with the psychic development group. I noticed in future sessions that if someone was in genuine trance the cat would sit upright & pay attention. If it was fake the cat would not be interested.

There was one lady in Stella’s classes that went into genuine “trance”. Her face changed to an American Indian Sharman. I could see “him” holding what looked like a rattle. And ofcourse the cat paid attention.

Reading this blog I realize there is no conclusion!

So to conclude; I actually nursed Stella when she died in the early nineteen eighties at the R.A.H.

I have only been in communication with her a couple of times since her death but I don’t “call her in”.


runesThankyou to those people that took me up on the free Skype readings.

I now know that I can see auras and discarnate spirits on Skype.( I get told off for calling them “dead” people)

I stopped doing readings for a while but now realize how much I enjoy knowing, that I am genuinely communicating with those whom have passed over.

The Saturday before last I was in the main street and someone (a man)  said to me” You read for me in this shop many years ago!”. I said that  I remembered doing so.

Three other people asked for my card.

I would presume that something that I have been doing for 35 years and enjoy so much, must be part of my dharma.

Blessed B e



God bless

Communicating with those who have “passed over” !

I am doing clairvoyant readings via Skype.  My Skype name is cerridwen2. I will give a free reading using Runes & also reading aura & communicating with family or friends who have passed over; to the first five people who contact me after seeing my blog.Image


me dad mum harleyMy Mother died on the 6th September 2012.
I had only recently found her permanent placement in a local nursing home.
The staff at this particular nursing home were so good to her.

Mum loved to watch “Charmed” which was on at midday. They allowed her to have her lunch in her room so that she could watch her favourite programme.
On the Thursday she died I had not even intended to visit but for some reason I decided that I had better go in and see her.I was going to spend the whole of Friday with her and stay for lunch. This particular nursing home required a weeks’ notice for family or friends to stay for lunch.
She was in bed when I arrived and I had been told by the staff that she had a chest infection.
I noticed that she had a large black hole in her aura. Behind this hole was an angel. Of which I could only see the edges. I see angels as white light with a vaguely humanoid shape and wings. When I told mum that she had a huge hole in her aura she said “That’s not good!” I told her that I thought it may just be her chest infection.
Later that day the registered nurse phoned to say that the doctor had prescribed antibiotics.
At 8-30 that night I received a phone call saying that Mum had passed away.
I went into the nursing home for approximately an hour and an half. I contacted my children on my mobile phone from the nursing home I then returned home to make more phone calls. The UK was not a problem to call as it was the middle of the day over there. I also contacted local friends of Mum’s whom I knew would prefer to be told immediately.
One lady an ex carer of mum’s asked me if I would be able to sleep. I told her that I was used to not sleeping.
That night while lying awake in bed I saw Mum & Dad walking toward me holding hands.
Dad said “We’ll help you” Mum didn’t “say” anything.
I have since had more contact with Mum showing herself; young; with long hair; walking with a young boy approximately four years old whom I presumed was my cousin Ken. I haven’t called Ken who lives in England to ask him about this because I am not sure what mum was trying to convey. I remember what she was wearing  in this “vision” and the clasp at the back of her hair. She also told me numerous times throughout her life that she disliked long hair. That it gave her an headache.
Dad died 27th May 2004.
On the first Father’s Day after Dad’s death I took my Mother and a friend of hers;  Mavis (now also deceased); to the local cemetery to visit their husband’s graves. Afterward I brought them back to my home for scones and tea. Mum made remarks that Dad was with us. And I could see him also. When I “see” it flashes for a fraction of a second. Then the images has gone same with words and concepts. They are just a quick flash .
After driving my Mother and Mavis back to their respective homes and returning to mine. I concentrated on my Father.
It was quite possible that I had imagined seeing Dad. Wishful thinking?!  So I asked that he prove that it was/is him by showing me something that I didn’t know.
He showed me an umbrella stand that I knew he had made. It had several umbrellas on it; one with a bird’s head handle.
I telephoned my Mother and asked if they ever had an umbrella with a bird’s head handle. She said that they had “But what is he going on about this for?!” I also asked if Dad had made the umbrella stand and she said that he had: Repeating “What is he going on about this for?! We left all that in England!!

The attached photo has little to do with this story excepting that it shows my Dad on the Harley and Mum and me in the side car — It was taken in Northfield South Australia in 1952

clairvoyant readings via Skype ” ceridwen2″

“Where’s The Duck?”

When my daughter’s paternal grandfather was alive he would ridicule me for my clairvoyance and say that there was nothing after death. He claimed that he knew this because he had died several times.

I was running a psychic development group in 1991.  Someone “saw” my ex father-in-law. Actually what they described was a photo of Barney and his brother in their army uniforms. I was able to connect with Barney at this time. He was “saying” you were right and jumping around. I told him that this didn’t prove anything to me. I said “I know what you look like; I know what you sound like and I know what you think; show me something that I don’t know.” (Not out loud!)

Firstly he showed me one of my daughter’s horses that he claimed had gone through the meat works. I told him I wasn’t going to check this up. Too upsetting!  He then showed me a “duck” and lifted the head off. He said “Where is the duck?”

But my mind went to something familiar. I associated this duck with a rocker duck that Barney had made for my daughter when she was a baby.  I tried to find out what had happened to the rocker.

Two weeks later I went to my daughters for dinner. In the kitchen there was a biscuit barrel. A duck! And the head came off. I asked my daughter who had bought this for her. She told me Grandma and Granddad.

In January 1992 while I was sitting outside knitting. (This was my stopping smoking therapy!)

I “saw” my daughter’s paternal grandfather.

My initial response was “What do you want?”

He gave me some information pertaining to a male friend which is not relevant to this story.

He then told me that he was reincarnating as my daughter’s son in August.

Many years later my daughter had her first child. A boy; born in August .  I had almost forgotten Barney’s message until a pagan friend whom had been sending healing to the baby wrote to me that there was a reincarnation link with this child. She thought it my daughter’s grandfather.

Re the “seeing” and “communication” everything flashes in a fraction of a second. Clairaudience is often way too fast to understand and I usually get concepts which still flash in a fraction of a second.

I know that there are many people who have similar stories to share.

I have many similar stories all making me question the nature of reality and life and death.

For clairvoyant readings on Skype ” ceridwen2 “

“This above all: to thine own self be true.”(Hamlet act 1, scene 3)

Being true to ones self is much more than just being honest. This Shakespeare quote is how I try to live my life.

Our culture operates on the assumption that people are honest and truthful yet this often isn’t so.

On a “white lie” level; how often do people say what they think the other person wants to hear or simply tell a lie to get attention? Sadly, lying, cheating stealing and scams are rampant. On the other hand one could argue that telling the truth is not always kind.

I feel so strongly about telling the truth as I believe it to be that even if I accidentally lie I feel guilty. What I write I believe either to be true or possible. I am not “into” absolute ideologies, so I acknowledge this is only my opinion.

The following is from  Marion Weinstein’s “Positive Magic” (page 234; Positive Magic: Earth Magic productions New York; 1st published in 1978 by Simon & Schuster Pocket Books New York)

“Makeru, or The Word of Truth

The concept of Ma’Keru, or Maat, was a highly regarded state of being in ancient Egypt. In fact, it was always hoped that by  the time a person died, he/she would have reached this state of personal evolution. The word itself is difficult to translate. In heiroglyphics, it look like

Witches who trace their own traditions back to the early Egyptian Mysteries still intergrate the concept of Ma’Keru, Maat, or The Word of Truth into their work. Once one has attained Ma’Keru, every word that is spoken literally comes true. The greater Gods and Goddesses were in this state, and you too may strive for it – as the witches do, in essence -for yourself. This state is attained by being very careful to say exactly only what one means. Consequently, “idle chatter, or lying” serves only to dissipate the truth and the Power. In our own lives, this means: Watch what you say! Say what you mean, and mean what you say.”

In my life time society’s attitude to clairvoyance and associated philosophy’s has improved along with attitudes to minority groups such as women; different races; sexual preference; etc.

Although there are still many “out there” who consider clairvoyance to be a con at best and evil at worst.

People are free to believe as they choose and I have no desire to alter people’s beliefs or opinions.

I do not require others to believe as I do to make it true.

The clairvoyants that I know (including myself) are genuine and honest and coming from integrrity. I am very aware that there are charaltans who are more interested in making money than helping people. How prevalent this is, is dificult to ascertain. I was made aware of a scam last century where people who went for readings were told that an “hex” had been put on them and were told it would cost $2,000 to remove same. No doubt similar scams still happen.

The way to avoid being conned is to tust ones “gut”! To quote or maybe para phrase Dr. Deepak Chopra: We should always trust our gut. Every cell in our bodies has neuropeptides which means every cell thinks. It is better to trust your gut because it hasn’t learned to doubt what it thinks.

I am able to “see and communicate” with people that have died as well as other discarnate beings. I know that my clairvoyant ability is genuine because I was extremely sceptical in the 1970’s when I first participated in Spiritualist psychic developement groups. I made sure that I was being honest with myself so that I knew that I was really “seeing”.

Everyone is clairvoyant. Because we live in a culture that denies  the existence of this ability; the ability atrophies.

When I “see”(clairvoyance); “hear” (clairaudience) or “feel” (clairsensience); it flashes in a fraction of a second. The Spiritualists would train us to remembr by putting numerous items on a tray: Covering same with a tea towel; removing towel for a fraction of a second and then cover the items again. We had to see how many items we could remember and describe.

Knowing that I have helped someone by proving that their loved one is genuinely communicating is my greatest reward. I am not interested in the payment, although I don’t refuse the money. I have done readings for an exchange or for free in some circumstances.

My first paid reading for the public was in 1980 when I worked in a coffee lounge called “The Sixth Sense” which was in O’Connell Street, North Adelaide.

Despite my clairvoyant awareness and experiences I do not claim to understand the nature of reality. I have my theories but am also aware that these theories are limited by the cultural and personal concepts that I have. Even analogies cannot really help me understand this multi universe and what is beyond.

I realize that I have gone off on a tangent from the original title but this is something that I often do so in essence I am still being  true to myself.

Long before the movie “The Matrix” came out I used to say to people  in my psychic development groups  —“Imagine we are in a virtual reality.” The movie “the Matrix” is creatively brilliant. The surreal colour: The names of the characters: The way the dialogue was presented: the social satire. And it questions “what is real”

In my early twenties I was facinated by the similarity between atoms & solar systems. I can remember associating the concept of an atom with that of a solar system. The protons & neutrons being the sun and the electrons the planets. But this is definitely way off  on a tangent.

Now I think I had better be true to myself and end this blog!