Genuine Clairvoyant Readings via Email Skype or Messenger

Would those who have had an email reading with me (or via Skype or messenger) and know that my clairvoyance is genuine please forward my blog?

Money has never been my motivation but sadly I am struggling financially in my old age.

GIFT VOUCHERS ARE AVAILABLE — It would make a good present.

If you are sceptical about clairvoyance — good on you — I like sceptics.

Check out my non fiction book:


Since first offering email readings I have had excellent feedback.

They are $60 Australian. (concessions available)

I was trained by a Spiritualist lady in the 1970’s

I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.

If you question how I can “read” for someone when they are not in the room the truth is I don’t really know.

 I do know that time, space and reality are different than we believe:  I use the photo as psychometry.

My motivation is to help:

And if I tell you that I will get back to you if I get more this follow up is free of charge:

Please send a recent photo of yourself


I am able to accept overseas clients.

You may use debit cards, credit cards or PayPal

Gift vouchers are available:

To purchase one just email me asking for same.


Blessed be

and be kind to non humans



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