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This photo is me in training at WRE  (working with computers in the 1960’s) a job that I had to give up when I got married because married women were not allowed to hold government jobs.

This “cultural norm” has changed:

In order for us to stop making all life extinct we must change other “cultural norms” and attitudes

When I was in primary school we were asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish” I wrote that I wished that people would care more about the planet and other life forms than about money: the headmaster wrote “good girl” on this essay and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t think like every one else who wrote about items they wish they had

Wiser people than I have said this often and been ignored.

“Protestant ethic


the view that a person’s duty and responsibility is to achieve success through hard work and thrift.”

Capitalism is largely responsible for making life on this planet extinct:


Humans are the only species that matters— changed to all life matters

“If all the insects left the planet

the planet would die

If all the humans left the planet

the planet would thrive” Anonymous

If something doesn’t speak it doesn’t understand –changed to  —

most life forms have receptive language-– —

I talk to trees and plants presuming they understand on some level.

“Trees share water and nutrients through the networks, and also use them to communicate. They send distress signals about drought and disease, for example, or insect attacks, and other trees alter their behaviour when they receive these messages.” Scientists call these mycorrhizal networks.”

Other life forms are not sentient –changed —

other life has feelings


On many occasions I have had magpies visit singing and not wanting food only to find that their  partner or baby has been run over.

I have also seen birds and animals sitting next to an animal or bird that has been run over.

And sitting at a tree stump when there home has  been chopped down.

So many mindless narcissist have told me not to feed the birds that they have to find their own food

There is no food for them

Humans have taken it or destroyed it

ferguson road bush


The tree and heritage bushland pictured were set fire to years ago and then all of a sudden this heritage bush was real estate development 😔

Trees don’t light fires humans do and in this country they are not even punished (because they are a child)– what message does this give?

Our culture glorifies and tries to understand psychopaths and criminals and treats victims with contempt. Be they human or animal.

The media is a corporation:

multinationals rule the world and politicians:

The media doesn’t give facts, it tells the masses what those in power want us to believe:

It also continually portrays violence, bushfires, crime  etc. which increases same:

from both a magical point of view and a sociological point of view.

Cultures that live in harmony with the environment are labelled primitive and inferior — changed to we should all live in harmony with the environment

These so called inferior cultures had true communism — it means sharing:

What the West labels as “communism” is “state capitalism”.

Capitalism is largely responsible for making life on this planet extinct

There are too many of us for communism to work:

We need to be born into a culture that doesn’t hoard possessions:

doesn’t have to have money and possessions to survive.

Sees concrete and cement as good.

A manicured pristine garden free of weeds is so not necessary.

Stop using poison.

Humans now make up 99% of the planets population

I posted the following on FB

“-The following is sarcasm not a suggested course of action —Decades ago I made a similar suggestion to my father in law who killed cats because he found them annoying and was surprised when he agreed.

We should apply the same rules to humans as some humans apply to other lifeforms:

—They are in plague proportions — cull them

They attacked someone — kill them

The make too much noise – kill ‘em

They are eating “our” crops – kill ‘em

We just don’t like them anymore –  kill ‘ em

They won’t get off the road — run ‘em over

We don’t want the baby just the milk —- slaughter ’em

This baby won’t make us a profit when it grows up —slaughter it.

The babies mother has been turned into mince meat —–let it die of dehydration and starvation so drug companies can harvest the hormones”


Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non humans

the continued existence of life  depends on it




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