When I was young(er) and had a fairly high status job:

When people asked me what I did  ( to ascertain whether my social status was higher or lower than theirs):

I would say “I am an human BEING not a human DOING”

Mainly to satirize the social hierarchy stuff.

But I also believed back then that those of us that care about other life forms and the ecology were helping just by our  “energy” being here.

These days I wonder.

Sadly humans still think they are the only species that matters

and continue to make all life extinct.


Blessed Be

and be kind to non human life


P.S. If you live in the southern hemisphere – Party like it  is Beltane

It aint Halloween here 😛



Beltane used to be a fertility festival hence we now call it the “nookie festival”

So enjoy trying to make babies BUT DON’T procreate:

See Population Matters

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