I am writing this as a reminder for myself

to “put out” what I would like to happen

instead of complaining about what is wrong with our world.

So I am seeing humans respecting other life forms and caring for our planet.


Robert Heilein’s  “Job”

(which I read in the 1980s and haven’t reread) is a send up of the  bible book of Job.


I think it was the devil that said to the main character ”the rules are there: they are not fair but they are there” Most definitely not a direct quote – my memory isn’t what it used to be and I no longer have the book.

When you want to manifest something that you “need”: what you manifest is keep “needing” this:

i.e. you don’t get what you need.

This applies to material things: relationships: everything.

For those who were never loved as children and desperately need to be loved, finding love is almost impossible.

Instead of my explaining how manifesting works I recommend  “Positive Magic” by Marion Weinstein

pos magic

This is the second book that I bought on Wicca:
(I have replaced it four times because I loaned it to  people who never returned it.)

Must be a good  book 😛


So I am “seeing a thousand people purchasing my books each month”

And my email readings becoming even more popular than they already are.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life



Since first offering email readings I have had excellent feedback.

They are $60 Australian. (concessions available)

I was trained by a Spiritualist lady in the 1970’s

I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.

My motivation is to help:

And if I tell you that I will get back to you if I get more this follow up is free of charge:

Please send a recent photo of yourself


I am able to accept overseas clients.

You may use debit cards, credit cards or PayPal

Gift vouchers are available:

To purchase one just email me asking for same.

I saw an ad for John Edward coming here in November which said “Is someone waiting to talk to you?” Thought I may plagiarise that line except I “see” more than hear.




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