When I first became interested in clairvoyance in the seventies there were only the Spiritualists who assisted with psychic development.

They called channelling— “trance”.

The first time I saw/ heard this; it was a fake.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a psychic development group run by a lady called Stella Darwood.

The first time Stella went into trance I saw her face change to a Mongolian looking man.

I said nothing but the man next to me described exactly what I saw after the trance was over.

Stella had a Siamese cat who sat with the psychic development group. I noticed in future sessions that if someone was in genuine trance the cat would sit upright and pay attention. If it was fake the cat would not be interested.

There was one lady in Stella’s classes that went into genuine “trance”. Her face changed to an American Indian Sharman. I could see “him” holding what looked like a rattle. And of course, the cat paid attention.

The guide others saw with me; communicated with; and described was Nubian

who “said” that he lived in Egypt before we consider that Egypt existed.

He was/is approximately 8ft tall with blue black skin.

This  guide that I have been aware of since I started with the spiritual groups has given me proof of who he is.

He has taken me on astral journeys with him in his life time.

We were in an Egyptian reed canoe.

Which I later checked in the library because my idea of Egypt came from the movie “Cleopatra” and I was expecting lavish barges.

I brought myself out of this “astral journey?” because it was too violent for me. We were in a battle zone.

One thing that really amazed me:

Back in the seventies pyramid power was a fad.

I asked my guide  about pyramids.

He told me that “pyramids refract electromagnetic waves as a prism refracts light.”

I had no idea what electromagnetic waves were and in the nineteen seventies it was difficult to find information.


I believe everything that exist has a consciousness.

I believe non-human life forms survive death. To me this makes sense.


I have been “told” that if I could understand that time was a dimension and there wasn’t linear time “he” would have an easier job of getting concepts across to me.

I understand that time decreases with velocity thanks to Einstein but that there is no past or future is a problem for me.

Re channelling myself:

Not something  that I am comfortable doing:

I feel as if I am faking.

Words and concepts come into me head but it could just be my imagination?

On one of the few occasions I was “encouraged” ( pressured would be more accurate)  to try channelling, my guide came through

and said”Shalom” which didn’t make sense to me consideration his heritage?

Although one could argue that a derivation of this word may go way back?

I am used to being ridiculed re clairvoyance:

Doesn’t bother me.

There are always people who ridicule me about being a vegetarian.

(This does annoy me because it shows that the most dangerous species on this planet thinks it is the only species that matters)

My standard remark in the early eighties was: “I don’t eat rotting flesh.”

A pagan friend teased me and he said

“But you bite into live apples”.

If everything has a consciousness as I tend to believe am I hurting live fruit and vegetables?

By just breathing we are killing the microscopic life forms as we breathe in.

Not something that I can dwell on and stay sane.

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to non human life




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