I was trying different techniques to help myself and decided to record a couple for my blog:

Unfortunately when recording on my laptop it is too faint:

so I used  the video on my phone:

I apologise for mistakes —–  I am in a lot of pain

and it affects my concentration


The following  one is removing cords from each “body”

Physical:  emotional: mental: spiritual: etheric: astral: akashic: harmonic: universal dynamic


Many of those who follow the so called “new age” philosophy make people think it is their fault that they are sick –including the late Wayne Dyer – who was one of my favourite writers and speakers.

 Seriously it is horrible enough being sick without having people imply that you deserve it.

Most of my health issues are medical and surgical mistakes.

 Woe betide anyone who tells me  that I deserve it



blessed be

and  be kind to non human life



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