Instead of my usual “THE END IS NIGH” blog:

this morning I feel that there is hope for the flora, fauna, ecology: and us 😀

Hopefully this is a clairvoyant concept and not just wishful thinking.

I believe it is the former:

Be nice to see the thinking, caring people overthrowing the corporate sociopaths.

Books, movies and Nobel prize winners have been telling us to care for as long as I remember.

 Our cultural norms of clearing trees, poisonings ‘weeds” and killing “pests”:

Industrial waste: real-estate development: the overall attitude that only humans matter

and our population of more than 7.7 Billion ‘are’ (soon to be ‘were’ 😀  ) destroying all life.

the gods themselves


From The Day The Earth Stood Still

From The Matrix



Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non human life


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