The incident that convinced me that clairvoyance was a reality happened at work. I was a student nurse at Strathmont Centre. I was washing dishes with a male staff nurse. We didn’t have kitchen hands in those days. Kym was six feet tall and rather heavy set and had long blonde hair. A man (deceased) flashed in (when I see or hear things they flash in a fraction of a second) He had Kym’s high forehead and similar features but wore a suit with a crepe ribbon and a cross and had a short back and sides haircut and dark hair.
I asked Kym if his father was a minister. He asked me why and initially I would not answer. I eventually told him what I saw and Kym told me that it was his uncle. He asked me what denomination his uncle was.
I did not know.
After Kym left the kitchen I asked his uncle, whom I could no longer “see”, what he had died of. The words were that fast all I could make out was sclerosis. Because we were with the intellectually disabled I thought “tubular sclerosis?” Then I realized it was multiple sclerosis.
When we were having a tea break Kym told me that his uncle died of multiple sclerosis. I was amazed and said that his uncle had “told” me this!
Kym said “Get more”! I informed him that I couldn’t.
But I saw panama hats and monkeys. I said “He was a missionary in South America” Kym said “Yes”. I then saw masks and a jungle and said he was also a missionary in New Guinea. Kym told me this wasn’t so. When Kym came to work the next day, he said that his mother had confirmed that her brother was a missionary in New Guinea. This showed that I wasn’t just reading Kim’s mind.


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