These psychic development classes are free:


Advisable to start at the first one which is entitled “Psychic Development Classes”


Knowing that humans think that if something is inexpensive or free it isn’t any good ( or there is a catch).


I assure you that there is no catch.


I started running these classes in 1990 and I have been given excellent feedback.


They are free because I do not believe in the Protestant Ethic of turning everything into a money-making venture: this attitude has contributed to the extinction of many species: trees, plants, insects, reptiles, sea life, animals etc.

If we cannot share with one another what hope have we got of sharing with other species.


I WILL accept donations if offered   😛


Sit comfortably in a circle.


Hold hands ask/prayer for protection and guidance:

Relaxation exercise:

Relax your physical body

Tense each part of your body and then relax it.

e.g “Tighten your feet and toes: hold for a few seconds and then relax:

Work your way up through all the parts of your body  tightening and relaxing, up to your face and then hair and scalp:

Screwing up you face: and relax:

Tightening your scalp and relax.”

Now just stand up and stretch then sit back down:

Chakra balancing:

The audio meditation is difficult to hear:

hence I am using this video recording:

Begin each session with the above -Protection -relaxation -chakra balance:

Practice  your clairvoyance and healing:

Please send absent healing to non human life.

And “ask for” zero population growth of humans.

At the last session I would give out a certificate for completing the course.

I was going to post a picture of this:

Unfortunately it was in “Publisher” which I  no longer have.

You may  keep  your group going for as long as you wish.

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful to non humans




Close the circle giving thanks for protection guidance and healing.


readings card

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