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In the 1970s I believed we did create our own reality.

I became interested in Wicca in 1978 after hearing a lecture by the “Witch of North Adelaide”

I was initiated to first degree Alexandrian/Gardnerian Wicca in 1983.

I trained would be witches in the 1990s  and early this century.

(I was initiated to 3rd degree in the early 1990s)

I would tell “neophytes” that it is intent that matters and emotion that empowers.

Yet in recent years I didn’t even work solitary.

Now that I am  back to consciously creating my health and well being I wanted to share, hoping it may help others.

Believe in yourself—- That was my first step.

I would then just say “relax” to myself:

and use other affirmations e.g.

“I succeed to perfection in everything I attempt.”

“I am healthy”

For over a decade my health had gone downhill and my confidence and self-esteem had been non-existent:

(I know why but will not whinge about the why.)

I have the knowledge and wisdom to heal myself.

Yet I was beginning to believe that I had no power over my life.

Definitely in “poor me” mood.

I don’t believe in karma.

It is the Hindi word for “work”

Plus your average mindless automaton uses it to tell others they they deserve their suffering.

Is it karma when animals, birds, reptiles, insects, trees etc are deprived of their homes and food by human and die?

I am now back to creating happiness and well being for myself.

Re creating ones own reality Marion Weinstein (Positive Magic): the late Wayne Dyer and others suggest that everything that one says and does manifests.

The media showing horrors, creates more horrors:

from a magical point of view

and also from a sociological point of view: in that people copy this behaviour.

When drug companies are testing a drug they allow 25% for placebo effect.

Nocebos  are even more powerful.

A doctor says “You are going to die” and you die.

Dr. Deepak Chopra equates it with “pointing the bone”


I  am  “manifesting” saving non human life.

Humans are destroying all life on this planet.

Kungfutz say: “Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”   Taking advice from Confucius this was started in April 2018

“A few of us are sending healing at the same time each evening to all non human life

Ask that zero population growth for humans is implemented throughout the planet.

We make up 99 percent of the world population:

Hence only one percent is wild life

If you wish to join in; send healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs)

It doesn’t matter what time – just when you think of it.

Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.


book cover 4

There is a story re the photo on my Nonfiction book.

I was 46

I had gone from a houseful of people to just myself and a Great Dane/ German Shepherd crossed.

My  (then) partner had left me for a 21 year old

(and we had two of his daughters living with us.)

My son and ex husband’s nephew who had been living with me moved to North Queensland.

I was walking though Tea Tree Plaza and a lady came up to me and asked if I would like a family portrait for Mothers Day.

I said “Who Me and the  dog?”

She said “Well – have a glamour photo done.”

It only cost me $100 for the sitting (which was such fun) and four  (different) A4 photos.

When I moved to Goolwa in 1998 I was depressed  (caused by sleep deprivation) and was going to throw out this picture.

A friend told me to not only keep it but put it on the wall for my self-esteem.

When I used it for my book cover I also  had some business cards made up using this photo but after two local shop owners said “That’s not you!” I had different cards made up with a recent photo.

You would think at “three score years and ten” I would not feel the need to “people please”   😛   😛   😛


I posted the following on FB 17th April

A wise friend pointed out to me how rare it is for people to give feedback on a book— I am so blessed.

“I received a letter — well to be pedantic it was a card with a seascape — giving me positive feedback on my non fiction book today.


On Monday someone took the time to tell me how helpful and interesting my book was for them.


I have almost always had feedback on my clairvoyant readings but had not had many re book until now:


It has made me so happy I am crying— Yeah I know that I am weird. 😛 ”


The following review has apparently been on my non fiction book since last August.


I only noticed recently




“Most helpful customer reviews on 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews


margaret Lane


5.0 out of 5 starsAstounding read!


16 August 2018 – Published on


Verified Purchase


Wonderful yet sad bits. But it is a testament to her life. I cry for the abuse she suffered. Horrific times. Bright Blessings to you Kathleen.”



Thus far I have received $4 per year from Amazon

Am hoping that if I sell over a hundred books a month Amazon will start paying me  royalties of $1 a book without extra fee.




If you would like a reading and or communicate with some one who has died                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Send a recent photo of yourself to


Even though it is an email reading I am still able to communicate with those no longer in this reality.

I believe the reason is that time and space are not as we perceive them.

I am sometimes able to connect with pets that have passed:

As I “see” better than “hear” I am able to get “proof of who the “pet” is.

I will send you an invoice via PayPal and you may pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal:

This also means I am able to accept overseas clients.

Readings are $60 (Australian)

And gift cards are available.


Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non humans

the continued existence of life on this planet depends on it.







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