This is the last one for this year — psychic development 6 will be posted late January

Have a bowl ready to put jewellery items


Sit in a circle

Hold hands: Ask/pray for protection and guidance.

Relaxation exercise:

Chakra balancing:

Begin each session with the above – Protection – relaxation – chakra balance:

Stretch and or walk around.

Sit comfortably and breathe deeeply:

Creative consciousness meditation.

Stretch if you need to.

Try this exercise:

Because clairvoyance clairaudiene and clairsension all flash in a fraction of a second we  used the following to train ourselves to remember:

Put as many item as you can on a tray:

e.g   a teaspoon, a thimble, a pen, a crystal, a watch, a tea strainer, a ruler, glasses, torch etc (preferably 16 items if you can fit them.)

It doesn’t matter what the items are:

Cover these items with a tea towel.

Put the tray in the centre of the group.

With tea towel covering:

Remove tea towel for three seconds and the cover again.

Everyone then says what they can remember.

Pass the bowl with the jewellery around each person taking one: of course not their own

(Pedantically psychometry is supposed to give you the history of the object but may be used to connect with the person who wears this item.)

Look at the item: what impressions do you get?

Close your eyes and feel this item: what impressions do you get?

If you can sense who this belongs to say so.

Give each other positive feedback and encouragement but don’t make stuff fit.

If you have time get into pairs for healing.

The Spiritualists taught that we should not touch people in case they are offended and should just put our hand in their auras:

Reiki has you touching:

What ever feels right to you:

You do not have to have done Reiki to give healing:

The life force is all around you just breathe it in:

Ask for assistance in channelling healing:

(from God/angels/guides)

(remember you are not doing the healing:  the healing is flowing through you – if you believe it is just you:  you will drain your own energy)

Close the circle giving thanks for protection guidance and healing.

Blessed be

And be kind and respectful of non human life

The continued existence of life on this planet depends on this





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I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.


Just send a recent photo of yourself to


I posted the following on FB 17th April


A wise friend pointed out to me how rare it is for people to give feedback on a book— I am so blessed.


I posted the following on FB 17th April

“I received a letter — well to be pedantic it was a card with a seascape — giving me positive feedback on my non fiction book today.


On Monday someone took the time to tell me how helpful and interesting my book was for them.


I have almost always had feedback on my clairvoyant readings but had not had many re book until now:


It has made me so happy I am crying— Yeah I know that I am weird. 😛 ”


The following review has apparently bey non fiction book since last August.


I only noticed recently




“Most helpful customer reviews on 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 reviews


margaret Lane


5.0 out of 5 starsAstounding read!


16 August 2018 – Published on

Verified Purchase


Wonderful yet sad bits. But it is a testament to her life. I cry for the abuse she suffered. Horrific times. Bright Blessings to you Kathleen.”




Thus far I have received $4 per year from Amazon

Am hoping that if I sell over a hundred a month they will start paying me my  royalties of $1  a book without extra fees?


It is a true story

and a very short story so won’t take you long to read 😀


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