Some Mindless Trivia

tv show v

It is probably symptomatic of old age that I want to discuss a TV show from a decade ago?

Well some members of the younger generation have said jokingly that I was around at the time of the dinosaurs: Ha Ha

No I am Flower Power generation  😛

Or to quote “Queen” in “Hammer to Fall”

I grew up “In the shadow of the Mushroom Cloud”

I like the TV show “V”

I remember and liked the original from 1984

What I liked about the remake was that the lead characters are women.

I recently Googled this and it was suggested that it was a satire on Barack Obama’s  “Health Care”

I have been reading sci fi since 1960 and although I didn’t label it as such at the time I was always aware of the social satire.

(e.g. “The Time Machine” by H.G Wells is a satire on the class system. The servants – downstairs and the upper-class – upstairs. Those living downstairs eating those upstairs)

I do not see the remake of “V” as a send up of Obama!

One of my favourite actors Morena Baccarin (Whose character I loved in Firefly) plays the villain and admits she based her character on a politician. A perfect role model for her character of Anna, as most politicians are sociopaths.


I don’t know anyone other than myself who liked “Jupiter Ascending”

People probably don’t like it because they do get the social satire   😛

Humans are planted and grown on various planets and harvested – to make a youth serum – once they have used up all the resources of the planet.

Well best get back to the real world and do what I can in the microcosm to help trees and wild life.

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non human life

the continued existence-of life on this planet depends on it.






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