Best to start at the begining:

The first session is called Psychic Development Classes

Have a bowl for people to put their photos in when they arrive.

Sit in  a circle:

Hold hands ask/prayer for protection and guidance:


Relaxation exercise:


Chakra balancing:



The audio recording was difficult to hear so used used the video on my phone

Begin each session with the above -Protection -relaxation -chakra balance:

Get up stretch and or walk around:

Use the following mediation for problem solving: physical healing for yourself and others: including animals, trees etc. or anything that you choose:

The colours and numbers take your consciousness to alpha:

The more you use this the more powerful it becomes.

Stretch if you need to.

Pass the container with the photos around

each person taking one:

of course, not their own:

Pedantically psychometry is supposed to give you the history of the object:
but may be used to connect with a person in the photo or the person giving you a photo.

Look at the photo

You may be drawn to a particular person in the photo.

Remember any impressions that you get.

Shut your eyes and ask to see the aura of this person:

Notice what you feel when you touch the photo:

Way back to the seventies some people would hold photos and other psychometry items on third eye?

You may try this, it doesn’t help me but you may find it helpful?

If the photo isn’t of people just “see” what impressing you get:
See if you can sense who brought the photo.

Once the person doing the psychometry has said what they “sense” whom ever put the photo in gives feedback:

Please be encouraging and supportive.

If you still have time include healing.

Bring jewellery for psychometry next session.

Close the circle giving thanks for protection, guidance and healing.

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non humans

the continued existence of life on  this planet depends on it.



Since first offering email readings I have had excellent feedback.


They are $60 Australian. (concessions available)


They are inexpensive because I do not believe in the Protestant Ethic of turning everything into a money-making venture: this attitude has contributed to the extinction of many species: trees, plants, insects, reptiles, sea life, animals etc


We don’t share with one another and don’t even consider we should share with other lifeforms.


I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.


My motivation is to help:


And if I tell you that I will get back to you if I get more; this follow up is free of charge:            I find that if communication with those who have “passed” isn’t flowing it is better to wait until it is: otherwise I am guessing.


Please send a recent photo of yourself




I am able to accept overseas clients.


You may use debit cards, credit cards or PayPal


Gift vouchers are available:


My sci fi short story :

My nonfiction: a brief over view of  my experiences:




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