I started running these classes in 1990 and I have been given excellent feedback.


They are free because I do not believe in the Protestant Ethic of turning everything into a money-making venture: this attitude has contributed to the extinction of many species: trees, plants, insects, reptiles, sea life, animals etc

I WILL accept donations if offered


Sit comfortable in a circle:

Hold hands ask/prayer for protection and guidance:


Relaxation exercise:


Chakra balancing:


Bring a beam of white light down through your crown chakra – violet – above your head- 5cm in diameter – spinning – As the white light swirls through each chakra it cleanses it making each colour brighter. Check each chakra for cords. Unplug cords:  seal your end with white light which changes to the colour of the chakra.

Take the beam of light through the following chakras repeating the above.

Third eye – middle of forehead – indigo

Throat – floating above voice box – blue

Heart – middle of chest – green

Solar plexus – 3 cm above the navel – yellow

Sexual – above pubic hair – orange

Base – at base of spine – red

Take the white light to the soles of your feet -2 minor chakras – then into the earth. Bring a broad band of white light back up over your head. It then divides into two & fountains back into the earth.


Begin each session with the above -Protection -relaxation -chakra balance:


Get up stretch and or walk around:

Use the following meditation for problem solving: physical healing for yourself and others: including animals trees etc. or anything that you choose:

The colours and numbers take your consciousness to alpha:

The more you use this the more powerful it becomes.

beach goolwa


Relax: centre: and protect yourself. Breathe deeper and slower that you normally would.

Visualize the colour RED and know that you are becoming more relaxed.

Now visualize ORANGE

BLUE: you are very relaxed and calm now.



You are now on a beach. Feel the sand between your toes. Smell the sea air. Hear the seagulls and the thunder of the waves. Stay here a while relaxing.

You see an hole in the cliff face and start walking toward this.

You enter and find yourself in a cave lit by phosphorescent fungi.

There are steps going down. You descend these steps. 12;11;10;9;8;7;6;5;4;3;2;1

There is a door in front of you. You open this door. This is your sacred space: You create this yourself. The more that you use this meditation the more powerful it will become.

Have an elevator to the right at the back to bring people down for healing; problems solving; or just to talk to. Always send them back up. The first time you go to you sacred space you bring down a male & female guide. They stay here. You do not send THEM back.

Create a door to the back left to go on astral journeys.

A clock and calendar to change the date & time. Anything that you feel that you require for healing.

 (e.g. I have a mineral pool to soak in)


Remember that your guides stay in this sacred space awaiting you.

When you are ready go back the way that you came.




Stretch if you need to.


Now for clairvoyant practice.

Anyone that “sees” “hears” or “senses” something please say so:

Then give a message or something that you see to the person on your left.

Don’t make it up: if you get nothing say so.

Then each person says the given name of someone that the others do not know:

Say what you think they look like: their personality: occupation; age: anything that you sense about the name given.


The person running the group ask everyone to bring a photo next time for psychometry : preferably of a person or people.

Close the circle giving thanks for protection, guidance and healing.

Blessed be


and be kind and respectful of non humans:

the continued existence of life on this planet depends on it.




l was given a FIVE STAR review on my non fiction book last August but only noticed it recently.

Am making up for it by frequently posting same 




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Wonderful yet sad bits. But it is a testament to her life. I cry for the abuse she suffered. Horrific times. Bright Blessings to you Kathleen.”



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( $60 Australian – PayPal will convert for overseas invoices)


I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.


Just send a recent photo to

Gift vouchers are available : Just email me asking for same. —-  these gift vouchers may be used for “in person” readings


(The art work on this was done by Chris Parmenter in the 1990’s — A brilliant clairvoyant, author and artist.)










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