I ran psychic development groups starting in the 1990s until a couple of years ago.

I will now be putting these classes on my blog a lesson at a time.

If you are interested in developing your clairvoyance just get a few friends together — minimum of 3 and maximum of 13

Practice weekly fortnightly or monthly which ever suits: using the ideas that I will be suggesting.

There are ten classes blogged: the next is entitled Psychic Development Second “Session”:

Just find my blog  and search.


First “class”

Sit in a circle and join hands:

Open with a prayer for protection:

What ever feels right to you:

If you have a belief in God pray

Or ask the “Universe” or angels:

Intention is what matters: know that you are protected:

Visualise your group encircled by “white” light.

Let go of hands:

Relax your physical body:

Tense each part of your body and then relax it.

e.g “Tighten your feet and toes: hold for a few seconds and then relax”:

work your way up to your face and then hair and scalp:

Screwing up you face: and relax:

Tightening your scalp and relax:

Now just stand up and stretch then sit back down:

Relax and breathe deeply and slowly:

I find that balancing ones chakras helps with clairvoyance:

Now breathing deeply and slowly and relax:

either use the exercise I have recorded or use a chakra balancing that you like:



The audio that I recorded on PC  is difficult to hear:

So I have recorded one using the video on my phone:

Have another rest after this and then practice seeing auras.


Someone sit on a kitchen chair in front of a white or pastel coloured wall:

Clothes muffle the aura so you are most likely to see colours over people’s  shoulders:

Try closing your eyes and then only partly opening them:

Most people see the etheric body first: It is an approximately one inch (5cm)  band of wide light around the body

You  have the ability:

practice will develop this.

Hold hands again:

Give thanks for the help and guidance and close the circle.

Blessed be

And respect non human life



Next week a meditation to meet your guides:

And healing.

I am including my book ad as several people have told me that it has helped with  their clairvoyance:


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