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When James Redfield’s “Celestine Prophecy” first came out I was doing crystal ball readings in a New Age shop in Tea Tree Gully South Australia:

I was also working twelve and half hour shifts with the intellectually disabled and working for a nursing agency on my days off!  (Now I am lucky if I can do some house work   😛   )

The proprietor of the new age shop said (referring to Celestine Prophecy)

“This is for beginners: You wouldn’t be interested.”

While “proof reading’ this blog I decided to include this story:

[When I work as a clairvoyant  in a shop I always give the proprietor a free reading so that they know that I am genuine:

For this shop manager I  actually saw a lady in my crystal ball and was given the name Nora: which was her mother’s name:  I don’t often get names: especially if someone asks: I usually start guessing.

Clairvoyance and clairaudience flash (in a fraction of a second): so don’t dismiss flashes with your own clairvoyance. (And I believe everyone is clairvoyant. The ability atrophies because our culture says it doesn’t exist.)]

One of the things that really impressed me is James Redfield’s discussion of what he called “control dramas— quote –

“The movement of this energy, if we can systematically observe it is a way to understand what humans are receiving when we compete and argue and harm each other. When we control another human being, we receive their energy. We fill up at the other’s expense and the filling up is what motivates us.”

He labels these control drams “Intimidator”: “Interrogator” : “Aloof” and “Poor Me”!

Publishing companies wouldn’t publish James Redfield’s book so he paid to have it published.


I am grateful that Amazon offer publishing for E Books and paper backs:

I have never been concerned with money:

I just wanted to tell my story.

I have never charged much for my readings and often given freebies.

My Dad who was a spiritualist told me that I shouldn’t charge.

I ran psychic development classes for $5

Even though people told others that my classes were excellent: I have had people tell me it isn’t what they want:

They preferred to pay hundreds of dollars for a weekend workshop — Oops I am off on a tangent again.

(Suffice to say my conversations are like this as family and friends will verify)


Amendment to “I have never been concerned with money”:-  When my children were small and there was no social security: My husband would frequently fight with the boss and quit his job leaving us with no money for food etc.

Hence money mattered then.

Now that I am old and not well enough to commit to regular work  money matters.

Sadly for the last two years I have received $4 payment, for the year from Amazon.

(They obviously take out fees which I am sure are listed somewhere but I haven’t bothered to read)

I have had excellent feedback on the non fiction.

I apparently have to earn more than a hundred a month U.S dollars to receive anything and my royalties are just over a dollar per book:

So hoping to sell 1000 books per month 😛  😛 😀

Long long ago when I did screen studies (now called media studies) we were told that just because something is popular  doesn’t mean it is good and something good is not always popular.

I thought he was para phrasing Einstein but Einstein says this about what is right.

So buy my book(s) and have an  email reading: ( for info see previous blog)


Happy Face

Blessed be

and be kind to nonhuman life forms


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