Positive Magic

pos magic

According to Wiccan teachings what we say (and think) manifests:

Therefore we should only say what we wish to manifest.

There are obviously variables or everyone who wanted to win lotto would   😛

Also those of us who have had a life time of abuse certainly didn’t say or think  — “Please abuse me” .

I always thought “I want someone to love me”

Apparently if you say want the “universe?” keeps you wanting.

Kinda sux  😦

So unfair ☹

(After I started writing this I saw a post where animals are dying a slow horrible death because of human thoughtlessness and am in tears – How do I stay “positive”?

I considered just deleting this blog.)

The following I wrote before seeing the FB  post:

Jane Roberts in “Seth Speaks” gives a good analogy — “We don’t stop wars by hating wars we stop wars by loving peace”.


(Well you can tell that I have had this book since the 1970s  😛 )

Instead of my complaining how cruel thoughtless and generally stupid many humans are:

I  see humans implementing zero population growth  😀


Humans are respecting non human life forms: flora and fauna:  😀

Humans are  restoring species they have made extinct including trees and plants  😀

All humans are vegan:   😀

The meat industry is abolished.  😀

Pharmaceutical companies are abolished 😀

I see trees  culling any human that that tries to chop them down  😀

I see humans respecting one another:   😀

Cruelty crime  and psychopaths are despised (instead of being glorified by the media)  😀


Both consciously and subconsciously humans create a perfect  world where all life live in harmony and are healthy and happy    😀

Kungfutz say: “Better to light one small candle than curse the darkness”

light candle

Started in April 2018:-

A few of us are sending healing: empowerment: nourishment: fulfilment and shelter to all non human life forms at 2000 hours South Australian time.

Please join us 😀

This is a tree meditation — ( I am unable to record using my phone and don’t have a microphone for the P C but am told that it came out OK?)

blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms



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